Achem Wonder Self Adhesive Masking Tapes 2 Inch For Car Painting

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Achem Wonder Self Adhesive Masking Tape 2 Inch For Car Painting Specifications: - - - - Total Thickness | 0.13010%mm | Tensile Strength | 7.0kg/25mm | Elongation at Break | 6% | Adhesion to Steel | 0.7kg/25mm | Temperature Resistance | 50 | - - - - Feature general purpose masking tape, adhesive tape, paper tape. 1) good adhesion. 2)good flexibility. - General purpose masking tape is made of crepe paper coated with natural rubber adhesives. - It is designed for interior paint masking, light-duty packaging,holding, bundling, splicing and packaging. - Practical for construction, building, home, office or industrial applications. - Jumbo roll, log roll and cut roll are available. - The width of jumbo roll is from 980mm - 1250mm. Applications: In-door paint masking, Light duty packaging, bundling, holding, splicing & Tabbing, and other non-critical applications where a pressure-sensitive tape is needed. CompetitiveAdvantage: 1.Researchdepartmentcanlaunchthenewproductaccordingtotherequestofthecustomers. 2.QCwilltestthephysicalpropertyduringproductionandbeforeshipment,wewillfullyguarantee thestablequality. 3.morethan15Yearsofexperience,6AdvancedCoatingLine,200employees 4.Havegottenthecertifications,suchasISO9001:2008&SGS&UL&CSA CustomizingService,semi-finishedproductsandfinishedproductscanbeprovided 5.Morethan15yearsexperienceinexportingtoWesternEurope,NorthAmerica,MidEast,Eastern Asia,NorthernEurope,SouthAmerica,Africa,EasternEurope,SoutheastAsia,SouthAsia,entralAmerica OurServices: 1.Anyinquirieswillberepliedwithin24hours. 2.Professionalmanufacturer. 3.OEMisavailable. 4.Highquality,standarddesigns,reasonable&competitiveprice,fastleadtime. 5.Fasterdelivery:Samplewillbepreparedin2-3days. 6.Shipping:WehavestrongcooperationwithDHL,TNT,UPS,MSK,ChinaShipping,etc. 7.Youcanalsochooseyourownshippingforwarder.

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