Environmental Amino Resin For Automobile Coatings Additives , Free Formaldehyde

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Environmental amino resin for automobile coatings additives , Free formaldehyde 1% Quick Detail: Appearance shape: white crystallization granule or powder. Alcohol solubility: clear Carboxymethyl content: 50% Moisture:10% Content of free formaldehyde:0.5% Description: Physical properties :Non-toxic, incombustible, nonexplosive, anti-corrosion, soluble in alcohol in the heating conditions. Molecular formula: C3N6(CH2OH)6 or C9H18N6O6. Molecular weight: 306.27582 Melting point: 164 174 ; Boiling point: 669 ; Density: 1.821 g/cm3 (20) Content of hydroxymethyl >50% and low hydroxyl content is little. Moisture:8%10%(105, 2h); Content of free formaldehyde <1%, free formaldehyde content can be controlled under 0.2% according to users requirements. Its characteristic is high of hydroxymethyl content, the water stability, extremely low of free formaldehyde content; few dust when batch charging. CAS Registry Number: 538-18-0. Applications: 1. Rubbers and adhesives industry This etherified A with alcohols can synthesize rubber adhesive RA. Namely, RA is called as CYREZ 964 product of Cytec in America. [CYREZ 964 concentrated powder resin (hexamethoxymethyl melamine) or HMMM is widely used as methylene donor to strengthen adhesive of rubber and cord in "HRH" rubber adhesive systems. 2. Paint industry This product etherified with methanol can produce high methyl etherification type amino resin which is used as coating, such as, Cymel 303 resin of Cytec, SOLUTIA 747 of Solutia (Monsanto), Luwipal series of high methyl etherification amino resin of Germany BASF (BASF) and South Melcross 03 resin of Korea P&ID company, etc, which is necessary paint additives to synthesize water-solublecoatings, high solid coatings, powder coatings, and which is widely used in coil coatings, automobile coatings additives. 3. It is best choice to choose it as the clothing finishing agent additives duing to the free formaldehyde content as low as below 0.2%. Specifications: Appearance: White powder Alcohol-soluble: clear Elemental content 50% Water content 10% Free formaldehyde 1% Molecular formula: C9H18N6O6 Molecular weight: 306.27 CAS NO. [39863-30-4] Competitive Advantage: 1. Owing to the extremely low content of the free formaldehyde, the user can choose our product to replace formaldehyde and melamine to solve the field production worker occupational health and environmental problems 2. The users can improve the productivity by more than 50% owing to selecting our products to replace formaldehyde and melamine with the same production equipment. 3. The moisture of our product is very stable. In addition, processing could be shorten replacing formaldehyde and melamine with ous product . Our products could be directly etherified with methanol, because of its easy control . And the yield is quite high to reduce the cost. Tag: Six hydroxyl 538-18-0 2,4,6-tris(dihydroxymethylamino)-1,3,5-triazine - - - - Appearance shape | white crystallization granule or powder | Alcohol solubility | clear | Carboxymethyl content | 50% | Moisture | 10% | Content of free formaldehyde | 0.5% | Physical properties | Non-toxic,incombustible,nonexplosive, anti-corrosion, soluble in alcohol in the heating conditions | Molecular formula | C3N6(CH2OH)6 or C9H18N6O6. | Molecular weight | 306.27582 | Melting point: | 164 174 ; | Boiling point:; | 669 | Density | 1.821 g/cm3 (20) | Moisture | 8%10%(105, 2h) | CAS Registry Number | 538-18-0. | Appearance: White powder | White powder | Alcohol-soluble | clear | Elemental content | 50% | Water content | 10% | Free formaldehyde | 1% | - - - -

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