Portable Wireless Launch X431 PRO With Capacitance Touch Screen

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LAUNCH X431 Pro Auto Diag Scanner for Android

Product Function

1.Vehicle full system diagnosis

2.Reading system version information

3.Reading DTCs

4.Clearing DTCs

5.Reading data stream information

6.Actuation Test

7.Special Function


1.Android operating system, the mainstream Tablet PC Configuration

2.Battery characteristics: 3000mA polymer lithium battery

3.Expansion Memory card: Support 32G Micro SD (TF) card

4.Memory: 4G (2G flash for the customer's own allocation)

5.Screen size: 7.0 inches

6.Screen resolution: 1024600

7.Touch screen type: capacitance touch screen

8.Wireless: WIFI, Bluetooth

9.Operating temperature range: -10C to 55C

10.Storage temperature range: -20C to 70C

Product Parameter

1. Connection Method: Standard OBDII interface, Micro USB2.0

2. Typical Power Consumption: (12V) Static current 25mA, overall unit average current 35mA

3. Working Temp.: -20C-60C

4. Storage Temp.: -30C-70C

5. Dimension: L*W*H = 48mm*24mm*32mm

6.Unit Weight: 26g

7.Working Voltage: powered by vehicle battery, DC 9V-15V
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