Professional Co2 Fractional Laser Machine For Scar Removal , Age Spot Removal

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Fractional CO2 Laser Beauty Machine

Quick Detail:

1, Laser Type: CO2 Laser

2, Wavelength: 10600nm

3, Feature: Blood Vessels Removal, Face Lift, Pigment Removal, Pigmentation Correctors, Skin Tightening, Whitening, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Remover, Tattoo Removal, Acne Treatment, Remove Scars

4, Power: 30W (10W, 20W adjustable)

5, Output Graph: Triangle / square / rectangular / rhombus / scalable DIY graphics

6, Figure area: 1cmX1cm 2cmX2cm 3cmX3cm



How it work?

Fractional co2 laser is a kind of new skin technology, using RF- laser which is the most advanced in the world. Its output beam quality is more stable, more uniform, more consistent than the traditional laser CO2, so as to ensure the good therapeutic effect.

Clinical treatment, beam through the intelligent CPG (graphics generator), can be turned into hundreds of ordered nano pulsed laser focal spot, high energy laser agglomeration can instantly penetrate skin, wrinkles or scars and discoloration gasification organization, at the same time, biological and chemical reaction heat can make the skin collagen, leather frame reconstruction, to speed up the healing of skin, to beautify the skin for therapeutic purposes.


1. Remove pigment.
2. Remove neoplasm.
3. Treat telangiectasis.
4. Remove acne and scars.
5. Skin care and rejuvenation.
6. Remove all kinds of wrinkles.
7. Face lift, tighten and whiten skin.
8. May lessen bags and circles under eyes.
9. Sun damage recovery and skin renewing etc.

Specifications :

- - - -
Product Name | fractional co2 laser |
Type of Laser | American COHERENT RF CO2 laser |
Wavelength | 10600nm |
Power | 30W (10W,20W adjustable) |
Laser Output Modes | Continuous, Single pulse, Repeat pulse, Ultra pulse |
Condenser focus | 50um-2000um |
pulse energy | 10mj-100mj,adjust by 2mj |
Pulse width | 0.067ms-6.7ms |
Output Graph | Triangle / square / rectangular / rhombus / scalable DIY graphics |
Light guide system | 6 section articulated arm |
Aiming Beam wavelength | 635 nm |
Aiming Beam | 5mw Diode |
Number of focal spot | (square) 36 (6X6) 144 (12X12) 576 (24X24) (/cm2) |
Stripping percent | (Fractional) 1.56% (36 /cm2) = 6.25% (144 /cm2) = 25% (576 /cm2) |
Figure area | 1cmX1cm 2cmX2cm 3cmX3cm |
Scanning mode | Disordered lattice scanning |
Pulse interval | 1ms-100ms, adjust by 1ms |
Working voltage | AC 220V10%,50Hz |
Cooling system | Air |
Input power | 1200W |
- - - -

Competitive advantages:

1. Supper energy.

2. High stability and cost-effective.

3. 20 watt top quality glass laser tube.

4. Normal and fractional scan mode for choice.

5. Far-infrared Aiming beam for accurate treatment.

6. Safe, painless and excellent treatment result, 6 skin types available.

7. Medical CE/TUV, ISO13485, and ISO9001 approved.

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