CE 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal And Treatment Acne , Skin Whitening Machine

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CE 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal and treatment acne , skin whitening machine

How does 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Laser System Work ? Semiconductor laser hair removal machine is freezing through technological innovation, so that the treatment of head to negative temperature, unlike other laser burns the skin, to better protect the skin, hair follicle melanin by specific wavelength of laser absorption, and the heat exchange to destroy hair follicle, the laser energy can be shot down into the hair follicles within the hair follicle is destroyed energy decomposition, so that the hair follicles to stop growing, because the laser energy about 15% of the skin can penetrate the dermis layer, the epidermis and more with melanoma of the hair follicle deep through the heat damage to hair follicle degeneration and atrophy; Achieve permanent hair removal results.

1. Permanent treatment for all kinds color of Hair: Lip hair, beard, chest hair, back hair, arm hair, leg hair, and unwanted hair outside the bikini line.

2. Effective treatment freckles and acne, etc

3. Effective treatment for dry skin, rough skin Effective treatment for large pores, fine wrinkles, redness

4. Effective for skin whitening and tightening, reduced skin elasticity/ dull skin

5. skin renewal: Secure high-speed repair damaged skin


1. Deluxe and elegant body design, Europe style

2. 90% spare parts of handpiece are origin imported from Germany, USA and Japan, assure machine stable performance, amazing results and long time w3C, clients feel comfortable and painless during the whole treatment.

4.Simple and friendly treatment menu, and auto alarm protection system of water flow, water level and water temperature on menu

5. 1:1 energy test with USA Coherent energy meter:


Specifications :

- - - -
Model: | GGLT-808A |
Laser Type: | Semiconductor laser, Class 4 |
Energy: | 0~120J/cm2 |
Input Power: | 2000W |
Wavelength: | 808nm 10nm |
Pulse width: | 10-400ms |
Frequency: | 0.5Hz~20Hz(Adjustable) |
Normal operating conditions: | -5C--5C by cooled Sapphire |
Spot size: | 10mm 16mm |
Screen language: | English,Chinese,French,Spanish, Korean,Japanese,ect. |
Touch screen: | 8.4 |
Cooling system: | semiconductor+water+fans |
Power supply: | 220VAC / 50-60Hz |
- - - -

Competitive advantages:

Competitive price, reliable quality, good after-sale service, long gurantee.

- - - -
Place of Origin: | Beijing, China |
Brand Name: | GGLT |
Certification: | CE |
Model Number: | GL-808A |
- - - -

- - - -
Minimum Order Quantity: | 1set |
Price: | negotiation |
Packaging Details: | Flight cases |
Delivery Time: | 3-5 days |
Payment Terms: | T/T, western union,L/C |
Supply Ability: | 100 sets/month |
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