Roll to Roll Laser Die Cutting Machine for Label Stickers LC-350

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Roll to Roll Laser Die Cutting Machine for Label Stickers LC-350


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A. | Main Technical Parameters |
| Working Area | 350mm X 350mm (Width 350mm, Length ) |
Speed reference | 20m/min - 275Watt
60m/min - 500Watt |
Cooling system | Constant temperature water chiller |
Exhaust/filter | 4 stage filtration and exhaust |
Consumption | 5KW |
Power supply | 275Watt - 220V single phase 50Hz / 60Hz
500Watt - 380V three phase 50Hz / 60Hz |
Dimension | 3200mm(L) * 1100mm(W) * 1700mm(H) |
Weight | 1500Kg |
B. | Main Configuration |
1. | Unwinder |
Maximum Web Diameter | 600mm |
Maximum Web Width | 370mm |
Core | 3 inch |
Pneumatic Expanding Shaft | 3 inch |
Tension Control | MEROBEL DGT-300 France |
Splice Table | Automatic Clamp |
Web Guide | MAXCESS FIFE-500 USA |
2. | Laser System |
Laser Source | Sealed CO2 RF Metal laser tube |
Laser Power | 275W / 500W |
Laser Wavelength | 10.6 micron |
Laser Beam Positioning | Galvanometer |
Laser Spot Size | 210 microns |
3. | Matrix Removal |
Back side slitting | |
Matrix Rewinding | |
Pneumatic Expanding Shaft | 3 inch |
4. | Rewinder |
Tension Control | automatic |
Pneumatic Expanding Shaft | 3 inch |
5. | Options | Varnishing unit with UV dryer |
Laminating unit |
Slitting unit |
* Note: As products are constantly updated, please contact us for latest specifications. |
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Roll to Roll Label Laser Cutting Machine Description

Specially developed for cutting, punching and marking for adhesive label, stickers, films and other roll materials.

No mold, successfully replaced traditional die-cutting, without cutting graphical restrictions. High cutting speed, short processing cycle.

Color sensors to locate the cutting graphics. Compared with camera positioning, laser die-cutting is higher precision. After-focusing optional principle, enable laser spot more slim and better cutting results.

High speed flying Galvanometer cutting, continuous and automatic cutting rolls of printed stickers and adhesive labels.

Automatic position correcting system makes auto feeding and rewinding more precise, to ensure die-cutting accuracy. Feeding speed up to 60m/min, to ensure high efficiency of cutting.


Roll Labels/Film/Sticker Laser Cutting Application

Sticker labels kiss cutting
Printed label, paper, film cutting
Film surface etching
Polyesters cutting
Polyimide cutting
Nylon cutting
Polymeric film cutting
Paper cutting engraving
Film drilling / scoring


Glossy paper
matt paper
paper, cardboard
polymeric film
PET film
synthetic, etc.

Competitive Advantage

Laser UNIQUE Advantages for Roll to Roll Sticker Labels Cutting

- - - -
- Stability and Reliability |
Sealed Co2 RF laser source, the quality of cut is always perfect and constant over time with low cost of maintenance. |
- High Speed |
The Galvanometric system allows the bean to move very quickly, perfectly focalized on the entire working area. |
- High Precision |
The innovative Label Positioning System controls the web position on the X and Y axis. This device guarantees a cutting precision within 20 micron even cutting labels with an irregular gap. |
-Extremely Versatile |
The machine is very appreciated by label producers as it can create a huge variety of labels, in a single high speed process. |
- Suitable to work a wide range of material |
Glossy paper, matt paper, cardboard, polyester, polypropylene, polyimide, polymeric film synthetic, etc. |
- Suitable for different kinds of work |
Die cutting any kind of shape cutting and kiss cutting perforating micro perforating engraving |
- No limitation of cutting design |
You can cut different design with laser machine, no matter the shape or the size |
-Minimal Material Waste |
Laser cutting is non-contact heat process. tt is with slim laser beam. It will not cause any waste about your materials. |
-Save your production cost & maintenance cost |
Laser cutting no need mold/knife, no need to make mold for different design. Laser cut will save you a lot of production cost; and laser machine has long using life, without mold replacement cost. |
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