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Galvo Laser Machine for Textile , Leather , Fabric Engraving Cutting Punching Hollowing

ZJ(3D)-160100LD is a versatile laser system matchinglaser cutting andhigh speed engraving with the helpof a three axes Galvo head.The head comprises of a Galvo system where the laser beam is switched between the cutting head which provides withcutting and the Galvo head which produces high speed engraving and punching.

The ability to automatically switch between cutting and marking within one machine produces high production levels.GOLDEN LASER Galvo laser machines are available in sizes from 450mm450mm, 450mm900mm, 1600mm1000mm up to 16001600mm with CO2 RF laser sources from 100 watts to 500 watts.

ZJ(3D)-160100LD Galvo Laser Machine

# Full-automatic and high-speed galvanometer engraving and cutting system.
# Feeding, engraving, cutting and receiving finished at one time.
# More than 10 times faster than traditional laser cut.
# the galvanometer system also supports 160~180cm and other large processing format.
# The traditional processing technology to achieve quantitative and qualitative leap.


# It is a versatile laser cutting and marking system that suitable for engraving, punching and cutting of leather and fabrics in roll.
# Widely used in the apparel industry, shoe industry, textile industry.
# Any intricate graphics can be processed by laser. Quantitative and qualitative leap of traditional technique.


Replaced traditional gantry laser (XY axis plotters) processing, to achieve automatic engraving, cutting and punching for rolls of leather and fabric. Saving time, saving labor, saving materials, high efficient. In high value-added products while minimizing the cost savings.

(1) Save time. Depending on the laser power, the processing speed can reach 3000 mm/s ~ 20000 mm/s. More than ten times the speed of conventional laser machining.

(2) Save labor. Just need one person to load material. Laser systems with automatic feeder working. The device will automatically stop when the entire roll of fabric processing is completed, then the person receiving material.

(3) High efficient. High speed marking and cutting for volume production.

(4) Easy to use. No required mold, do any graphics, high added value.

(5) Fine processing effect, to meet the demand of high-end brands.

Application Industry

# Shoes and bags industry: roll of leather engraving, punching and cutting
# Apparel industry: sportswear high speed punching and cutting. Garment fabric engraving cutting
# Upholstery textile industry: roll of textiles engraving, punching and cutting
# Carpet industry: carpet mat logo engraving, personalized pattern engraving
# Packaging industry: roll of film high speed perforation

Machine Features

In shoe leather materials processing, traditional laser engraving and punching is processing on finished cut material. These technics include complex procedures such as cutting, positioning, engraving and punching, which have problems of wasting time, wasting materials and wasting labor.

Versatile laser machine ZJ(3D)-160100LD integrates nesting, engraving, punching and cutting, successfully resolved the problem of the traditional process. Integrated working platform, saving labor, improving efficiency.

Galvanometer scan laser mode. High speed engraving, hollowing and cutting for leather, shoes materials and fabrics.

Germany Scanlab 3D dynamic Galvo head, single scan area up to 400mm400mm. 150W CO2 RF metal laser generator (275W / 500W Optional). Laser output power and processing speed can be adjusted to maximize energy savings.

Conveyor belt with auto-feeding system (optional), realizing efficient and automatic processing for material in roll. Foot switch for easy operation.

Following top and bottom exhaust fans ensure good exhaust suction effects and environment friendly processing.

User-friendly 5 inches LCD screen CNC system and off-line motion control system with high automation.

Main Technical Parameter

- - - -
Laser Type | Co2 RF metal laser tube |
Laser Power | 100W / 150W / 275W / 500W |
Cutting Area | 1600mm1000mm |
Working Table | Conveyor working table |
Processing Speed | Adjustable |
Positioning Accuracy | 0.1mm |
Motion System | Offline servo motor system, 5-inch LCD screen |
Cooling System | Constant temperature water-chiller |
Power Supply | AC220V 5% 50Hz/60Hz |
Format Supported | AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST, etc. |
Standard Collocation | 1 set of 1100W top exhaust fan,2 sets of 1100W bottom exhaust fans |
Optional Collocation | Auto-feeding system |
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