Made To Measure Garment Laser Cutting Machine / System With Auto Feeding

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Made to Measure Garment Laser Cutting Machine / Laser Cutting System with Auto Feeding

With professional CAD software for design and nesting as well as auto-feeder, laser machine can modernize and automate garment cutting process.
After finish the pattern design in CAD design software or digitize the cardboard with copying system, save it in format (like DXF, DST, AI, PLT, etc) compatible with our cutting machine, transfer into the cutting machine and laser machine will cut fabrics into shapes as designed.

# Laser cutting is a processing for more variety, small volume and fast-cycle.
# Laser cutting is the most material-saving cutting tool. Non-contact processing.
# Laser cuts a variety of garment materials:stretch fabric, light fabric, composite fabric as well asexpensive fabrics andspecialty fabrics, such as Lycra, chiffon, voile fabric, leather, PP cotton fabric, coated nylon, etc.

CJG-160250LDLaser Cutting Machine


1. Specially caters to small batch and much varieties garment fabrics cutting, especially suitable for made-to-measure clothing.

2. Cutting fabrics of any graphics with smooth cutting edge, automatic edge sealing and no fraying.

3. Conveyor working table with vacuum adsorption function.

5. Unique manual and automatic interactive nesting software improves the fabric utilization rate to maximum. The system has marker making, pattern copying and grading functions.

6. 5-inch LCD screen CNC system supports multiple data transmission mode and can run in offline and online modes.

4. Following top exhaust suction system to synchronize laser head and exhaust suction system. Good suction effect, saving energy.

7. Users can build a database in connected computer, realizing instant data calling up.

8. Optional automatic feeding and rewinding system with auto-position correcting device realizes precise feeding and cutting.

9. The system can do extra-long nesting and full format continuous auto-feeding cutting on a single pattern that exceeds the cutting area of the machine.

10. Optional projection system, large area recognition system and pattern copying system, applicable to garment with stripes/plaids auto-recognition cutting.

Technical Parameter

- - - -
Laser Type | CO2 DC glass laser tube /CO2 RF metal laser tube |
Laser Power | 80W 130W / 150W |
Working Area | 1600mmX2500mm (63X98), 1600mmX3000mm (63X118) |
Working Table | Conveyor Working Table |
Positioning Accuracy | 0.1mm |
Motion System | Servo motor, LCD screen CNC system |
Cooling System | Constant temperature water chiller |
Power Supply | AC220V5% 50/60Hz |
Format Supported | AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST, etc. |
Standard Collocation | 550W top exhaust fan, 2 sets of 1100W bottom exhaust fans, air-blowing mini air compressor |
Optional Collocation | Projection system, large area recognition system, auto-feeding system, pattern copying system |
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Application Field

Suitable for cutting cotton, silk, polyester, linen, stretch fabric, light fabric, chemical fiber and other textile and apparel fabrics.

Applicable to suits, dresses, printed apparel, sportswear, dancing garment, gym suit,apparel with strips/plaidsand othermade-to-measure garment.

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