CE , FDA Textile Laser Cutter Machine For Upholstery , Curtain , Mattress , Sofa

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Textile Laser Cutter for Upholstery , Curtain , Mattress , Sofa Fabric / Laser Cutting Flat Bed

Laser is advanced CNC technology and a unique non-contact processing.Laser working without any graphical limits and not produce any mechanical deformation.Laser processing has the advantages ofhigh precision, high speed, no fraying, and high quality results.In addition, applicability of laser processing is more flexible.Laser can do cutting, engraving, hollowing, punchingfor a variety of textile, fabrics, garment, leather, shoe, upholstery, carpet, automotive interior, tent, etc.Laser processing technology is more sophisticated, creative and unique.

GOLDEN LASER Technology Advantage

(1) Continuous feeding and laser cutting for extra-long material

(2) Large area edge cutting and small area hollowing

(3) High efficiency, saving materials and smart nesting optimization

(4) High performance spreading, feeding and rewinding system

(5) With 5,000,000 pixel high precision visual recognition system

(6) Laser Cutting synchronized with marking

(7) Leading pattern digitizing technology

(8) Multi-head laser cutting

Machine Features

Conveyor belt with negative pressure adsorption function ensures smooth fabric when laser cutting.

Laser cutting bed with wide format. Working area reaches 2500mm3000mm

This laser cutting system can do extra long nestingand full format continuous auto-feeding cutting on a single pattern that exceeds the cutting area of the system.

Open-typedesign for simple, convenient and visual operation, long focus to meet the needs of thick materials cutting.

Following top exhausting suction systemto synchronize laser head and exhaust system. Good suction effects, saving energy.

Optional large-format recognition systems and projection systems, a variety of personalized fabrics can be smart and precise cut.

Usingautomatic nesting software, maximize material utilization and cost saving.

Main Technical Parameters

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Model NO. | CJG-160250LD | CJG-160300LD | CJG-210300LD | CJG-250300LD |
Working area | 1600mm2500mm | 1600mm3000mm | 2100mm3000mm | 2500mm3000mm |
Laser Power | CO2 DC Glass Laser Tube 80 Watts / 130 Watts CO2 RF Metal Laser Tube 150 Watts / 275 Watts |
Working Table | Vacuum conveyor working table |
Repeating Location Accuracy | 0.1mm |
Cutting Speed | 0-36000mm/min |
Motion system | Offline Servo motion control system, 5 inches LCD display |
Cooling System | Constant temperature water chiller |
Power Supply | AC 220V5% /50Hz |
Format Support | AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DWG, etc. |
Standard Collocation | 550W upper exhaust fans, 3000W nether exhaust fans, Mini air compressor |
Optional Collocation | Auto-feeding system, Auto-recognition system, Auto nesting software, Marking system, Double laser head |
Working area and laser power can be customized as your requirement. |
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Applicable Materials and Industries

Suitable for cutting textile, garment fabrics and flexible fabric.

Applicable to textileupholstery, furniture fabric, sofa, curtain, mattress, quilts, etc.


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