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High Efficiency Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machine Dust-Free Cutting Mode , Pvc Pipe Production Quick details: 1. High output,high efficiency 2. easy to operate 3. dust-free cutting mode PVC pipe making machinehas the following features: 1. Extrusion Equipment of PVC pipe making machine:Single screw extruder takes the new and efficientBM Screw,and has the higher screw speed, yield and plasticizing capacity...nose or spiral-flow nose,with a uniform material,convenient adjustment to eliminate extrusion fusion line and so on. 2. Vacuum shaping devicesof PVC pipe making machine:vacuum spray tank,spray cooling tank or efficient cooling tank, and all water contact parts made of stainless steel material. 3. Traction machineof PVC pipe making machine:two claw-type or rubber belt crawler tractor in order to adapt to different pipe production requirements. 4. Cutting machineofplasticpipe making machine:No dust rotating knife. 5. Stacking devicesof PVC pipe making machine:automatic turn plate or roller-type stacking devices, small-diameter pipe can be configured duplex winder according to customer requirements duplex winder. 6. Electrical control system for a variety of options(eg: PLC automatic control system),good production speed,stability,andthe control system is simple and easy to operate. Specifications: - - - - SJZ51/105 | Screw diameter | 51/105mm | Machine barrel and screw material | 38CrMoAlA nitriding treatment | Main motor power | 18.5KW | Contactor and breaker | Schneider Electric or Siemens | Vacuum calibration tank | Vacuum pump power | 4*1KW | Water pump power | 4KW2units | Haul off(2 claws) | Motor power | 4KW | Lift Cutter | Saw motor | 2.2KW | blower | 1.5KW | The range of cutting pipe diameter | 16-50mm | Stacker | Length | 5,000mm | - - - - Competitive Advantage: 1. Installation and test running We will invite customers to check the machine before shipment. And if the customer requests us to guide installment and test running in his factory, we will send our engineer. And the customer should pay for engineers ticket, visa, room and board, $80 per day for one people as allowance. 2. Quality guarantee We normally guarantee machine quality for one year to key components of the machines, if key components of machine are broken for technical reason, we will replace it with new one free. (The customer should return broken components).
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