Stainless Steel Housing Ultraviolet Mosquito Killer With Open Design Grill

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The unit with full stainless steel housing, shinny and durable, open design grill can get larger coverage to attracting insects, the switch on the side, looks fashionable and can be hang on the wall conveniently.


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Model No. | Coverage ( sqm ) | Finish | UV Tube | Unit Size ( cm ) |
SP100 | 150 | Stainless steel | T5 26w | 28.510.631.5 |
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1. Full-size high tension grid effectively kills insects

2. Dual side wrap-around chrome guard-maximum coverage area

3. Shiny stainless steel housing-built to last

4. Removable collection tray collects dead insects for easy cleaning

5. Multiple mounting options wall-mounted, ceiling-suspended & free standing

6. Metal white and stainless steel versions available


> Tube: T5 26w

> Coverage: 30sqm

> Colors: Silver

Unit Size: 28.510.631.5cm

Packing Units: 6/carton

Master Carton Size:

Positioning: wall-mounted, ceiling-suspended & free standing


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Model | SP100 |
Coverage | 30sqm |
Transformer | 2500V magnetic |
Ballast | magnetic |
Colors | Silvery |
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# # Kitchen
# Dining room
# Caf
# Restaurant
# Shops
# Hotels

Why to choose Yongxin insect killer: SP100?

1. Design: Unique and Fashionable style, suitable for home and commercial places.

2. Housing: High-quality stainless steel shining and luxury, corrosion-proof, scratch-proof and easy to clean.

3. Highly effective magnetic transformer with 2500V high voltage, made by Yongxin, can kill the insects easily.

4. Magnetic ballast made by Yongxin, 100% fit with the FSL tube, can enlarge the working life of the tube.

5. The working life of the whole unit can reach 20000 hours.

6. Pollution free: Physical way to kill the insects, does not contain poison or any harmful substance, fully protects health and environment

6. Can kill many kinds of insects, such as: mosquitoes, midges, moth, flies, house flies,bugs, etc

7. Lamp: UVA lamp made by FSL, one of the largest lighting factory of Asia. Working life can reach 5,000~8,000 hours.
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