Portable Strong House Electric Rechargeable Insect Killer With Hidden Collection

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The unit with blue translucent ABS grill, looks elegant and fashionable portable handle, move it conveniently, 360 degree opening design make lighting coverage maximum, the most to attracting in insects, hidden and removable collection tray is easy to clean the insect dead bodies, Rechargeable makes it can be carried to outdoor.


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Model No. | Coverage ( sqm ) | Finish | UV Tube | Unit Size ( cm ) |
V40 | 30 | ABS white | T5 14w | 17.517.532.7 |
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1. ABS and AS material perfect fit and looks very graceful

2. Rechargeable makes it can be carried to outdoor.

3. Can be used for 6 hours after per charge

4. Hidden collection tray is easy to collect and clean the insect body


> Tube: T5 14w

> Coverage: 30sqm

> Colors: White

Unit Size: 17.517.532.7

Packing Units: 10/carton

Master Carton Size: 92.53837.2cm

Positioning: free standing


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Model | V40 |
Coverage | 30sqm |
Transformer | Electronic |
Ballast | Electronic |
Colors | White & blue |
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# # Bedroom
# Living room
# Kitchen
# Dining room
# Caf
# Restaurant

Why to choose Yongxin insect killer:V40?

1. Design: Unique and Fashionable style, suitable for home and commercial places

2. Lead-acid rechargeable battery, can be recharged by 8V adapter

3. Pollution free: Physical way to kill the insects, does not contain poison or any harmful substance, fully protects health and environment

4. Can kill the small insects, such as: mosquitoes, midges, moth, simuliidae, etc.

5. Lamp: UVA lamp made by FSL, one of the largest lighting factory of Asia. Working life can reach 5,000~8,000 hours
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