PC housing glue board metal guard Ultraviolet Fly Killer with bottom collection

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The unit up and bottom cover made of PC material, durable and stronger, full-size glue board-sticks insects with glue board, provides silent and environmentally friendly pest control, bottom collection tray can be easily removed, can replace glue board and tube without tool.

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Model No. | Coverage ( sqm ) | Finish | UV Tube | Unit Size ( cm ) |
UH80A | 200 | PC | PL 240w | 38.313.342.7 |
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1. full-size glue board-sticks insects with glue board, provides silent and environmentally friendly pest control.

2. Firm and durable metal guard, maximum protection.

3. Easy to remove bottom tray, easy to remove the glue board and tube.

4. UP and bottom cover made by PC material, durable and stronger.


> Tube: two pieces of 40W

> Coverage: 200sqm

> Colors: White

Unit Size: 38.313.342.7

Packing Units: 4/carton

Master Carton Size: 72.54940.5cm

Positioning: Wall mounted


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Model | UH80A |
Coverage | 200sqm |
Standard working voltage | 110V~240V /50~60HZ |
Transformer | N/A |
Ballast | N/A |
Colors | white |
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# # Warehouse
# Food industries
# Other places need flame-free

Why to choose Yongxin insect killer:UH80A?
# # Certificate: UL certificated products
# Pollution free: Physical way to kill the insects, does not contain poison or any harmful substance, fully protects health and environment
# Noise free: Trap pests on glue paper instead of zapping them by high tension. Pests are captured quiet.
# Safety: No electric shock or sparkling in operation
# Easy maintenance: Glue board has to replaced only once per month
# Can kill many kinds of insects, such as: mosquitoes, midges, moth, flies, house flies,bugs, etc.
# Lamp: UVA lamp made by FSL, one of the largest lighting factory of Asia. Working life can reach 5,000~8,000 hours.
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