Gold Foil Original Handmade Bath Fancy Soap / Transparent Liquid Soap

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Gold Foil Original Handmade Bath Fancy Soap / transparent liquid soap


1. bath soap, toilet soap, laundry soap, hand made soap, natural soap, liquid soap, medicated soap, soap gift, transparent soap, glycerin soap are manufactured by our factory.

2. We manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality soap under our brand. We can offer high qualityproducts withcompetitive price.

3. OEM service: a variety of shape and size are available. All packing and fragrances are available. Please inform the above mentioned item in the inquiry.

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Products (Customized) | Glycerin soap/Half Transparent soap |
natural handmade organic soap |
Organic soap |
Ingredient | Natural Formula/Vegetable oil/Glycerin |
Net Weight | 80g/100g/125g/150g, Customized is available |
Packaging | Opp bag/Color box ,Customized is available |
Scent | Rose, Lavender, Lily ,Customized is available |
Color & Shape | Square, Round, Customized is available |
Delivery time | 15-20 days |
Feature | Cleaning, Whitening, Moisturing, Hydrating etc |
Advantage | Good for daily use, and for Promotional, gifts, SPA . |
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Enjoytherichnessof ONESPABathSoapwhenyoulatheralloveryourbodydailytocleanseyourskin.


Intended for use by adults only.for external use only.avoid contact with eyes.not for human consumption.



2. Apply to face wash, body wash, hand wash ,100% natural, also apply for baby care.

3. Bath Soap with all kinds of fancy shape & smell.

4. Itsfoamisfineandrich,andwithpleasant fragrance.

5. No skin damaging chemicals, no imitation colors.

6. Gentle to your sensitive skin, with lots of luxurious lather, with a silky finish.

1).OfferOEM service

2). Made with natural particular formulation,

3). Rich bubble, kindly cleaning, nourishing and smoothing

4). Net weight, fragrance and packingmadeas you request

5). Can be added with many kinds of herbal extract and essential oil

6). Stable high-quality, at competitive price

Our soap is made from natural and hand-made style; we dont use a mechanism to produce our soap. Every step made by hand in Cold Process. Use of traditional knowledge From the selection of pure vegetable oils such as coconut oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, rice bran oil. High-quality perfume from France,India. Thailand numerous herbs mixed with water, stir the ingredients together at room temperature. And the water poured into the prepared pan, leaving a 1-night soap to cure. And remove soap out of print.The soap is cut by hand to order stored for one month to measure the pH of the soap. Natural soaps are made by hand. Rich with glycerin, natural skin moisture balance. Herbs Thailand with values Skin is moist and tender to the touch.

Therefore,ournatural product is not only soap,but it can be even souvenir for your friends and the people you love and would like them to feel different with your gift.




Intended for use by adults only.for external use only.avoid contact with eyes.not for human consumption.

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