Small Model Paper Heat Transfer Fabric Printing Machine1800mm

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Small Model Paper Heat Transfer Fabric Printing Machine1800mm

KD-180 Small Model Transfer Printing Machine 1800mm / Paper Heat Transfer Fabric Printing


The machine is suitable for small batch of various kinds of transfer printing paper flower shape, through thermal effect principle, transfer flower-like pattern to the different kinds of fabric.


1. Frame channel steel, Angle steel, round steel, were used respectively to manufacture different specifications of the steel materials, etc.

2. Roller adopts the heat conduction oil, electric heating.

3. Japanese enterprise microcomputer control in Germany.

4. As manual carpet back device, equipped with the off-blanket device when temperature rise or down.

5. The edge of paper and paper system device, reduce the pollution of the blanket, prolong service life.

6. Double roller charge cloth, reduce manual labor intensity.

The main technical parameters:

# # Fabric width: 1800 mm (below)
# Diameter of cylinder:300mm,Constant temperature error:2
# The highest design temperature :atmosphere to 300
# Total power: 18KW
# Installing square (L*W*H): 2300mm X3300mm X 1500mm
# Total weight: 1300KG

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