Hid Rear Front Fog Light Bulb Replacement P13W Car Led Bulbs

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C-Q5 Ledlight Fog Lamps - P13W Car Led Bulb With Various Application On The Vehicle

Offer excellent car lightsof your automotiveand extremelyimprove on your safety. XFOCOLED carbulbswithlower power consumption, and last 10 timeslonger lifetime. The lampsprovide betterlooking inside oflight housings. They offer a ton of lights output than the halogen bulbs.

Description & Specifica

1.10 pieces high powerSEOULLEDs made the led auto bulbs extremely bright, less heat.

2.Aluminum housing blows the heats away that ensure led light bulbs long lasting..

3. Useclearacrylic lens for replacement bulbbodythat focuses andenlargesthe light

4.CANBUS included, will not activate warning lights.

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Product Sort: | Automobile > Lights |
Application: | Fog light |
Model Size: | P13W |
Construction: | Alumium and transparent housing for bulb body, plusOEM base as car lamp |
Bulb Dimension: | Application Specification |
Light Source: | SEOUL high power LEDs |
Led QTY: | 10 pieces LEDs per car bulb |
Constant Driver: | Included insideofAluminum housing that ensure high power LED will not be damaged easily by unstable voltage |
OperatingVoltage: | DC 10V ~ 26V |
Current: | 760mA/max |
Power: | 50W each bulbper led chips |
Lights Output: | 800Lmper bulbapplication |
Kelvin: | 6000K |
Beam Angle: | Full 360 degree illumination |
Working temperature: | -25 degree~+100degree |
Lifespan: | 30000~50000 hours |
Warranty: | 12 months |
Available models: | H7, H9, H10, H11, H16, P13W, PY24W, PXS24W, PSX26W, 9005 and 9006 |
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Packaging Information:

1. Window colored display box (DB).
2. Black flocking tray.
3. 2pcs H11led bulbs into one display box as one kit.
4. 1 kit into one OPP bag.
5. 24 kits into one brown inner carton=IPK.
6. 3 brown inner cartons into one master carton=MPK=72kits.
7. Size of master carton: 56*36*39 CM
8. G.W: 6.9 KG

Industry ChaoticPhenomenon ofLED:

1.E-mark and DOT certificate:For led automotive lighting, there is no industry standard of E-mark & DOT right now except for LEDDaytime Running Lights.

2.LED Types:Led has many types, the parameter of which is complicated and rich. Without professional knowlegeand equipment, most customers cannot still discriminate quality.

3.Quality:At present, many nonstandard small companies cannot guarantee the quality of their product if theydon'thave technical development team, productive facility and test equipment.

4.Price:The product quality is totally different,phenomenon is that the sameproductbetween good and bad quality component has price big different.

5.Becauseof fierce trade competition, many companies have to break bottom line of quality and seizemarketwith low price strategy in order to survive.
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