Custom Interior 12V Led Bulbs Car Light Accessories For BMW / Audi / WV

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12V Led Decoder 9005 Led Bulb Car Light Accessories For BMW / Audi / WV

Most Luxury cars like Audi; BMW will have error-warning lights on car computer after replacing original halogen bulbs by LED bulbs because of current changed. Solve the problem that adds led decoder to eliminate error-warning lights.


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ProductName: | LEDdecoder-9005 |
Categories: | Automotive>Lighting&Electrical>accessories |
Function | Solvewarninglights |
Productsize | 21.0*2.8*2.0 CM |
Voltage: | 12connection |
Power: | 30 watts |
Ohm | 6ohms |
Workingtemperature: | -25degree~+110degree |
Warranty: | 12months |
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1. Please dont have led decoder with combustible materials like plastictogether because of led decoder is extreme heat. Please fix it to the steel directly.

2. Please have space of 2cm between led decoder body & wire to avoid the wire be melted by high heat body.

Packaging Information:

1. Double Blister (DBBC)

2. Colored card

3. 2 pcs led decoders into Double Blister as pair

4. Seal on machine

5. 1 pair into OPP bag

6. xxx pairs into brown inner cartons as IPK

7. 3 brown inner boxes into one master carton as MPK/60 pairs

8. Size of master carton: xxxxx

9. G.W: XXXX

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