Lamp Hot Item Anti-collision Laser Warning Light Laser For Preventing Rear-end C

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New Arrival Hot Item Anti-collision Laser Warning Light Laser Fog Lamp For Preventing Rear-end Colision


Anti-collision Laser Warning Light is in the tail of the vehicle,in case of low visibility,fan-shaped light would delivery a clear signal with a red beam warning the back car,stop line would automatic appear in front of the back car driver within a certain distance.

The laser beam of the rear fog light can penetrate through rain, fog,and so on .A red triangle would automatic appear in front of the back car driver in rainy ,foggy and snowing weather for safety driving.

Anti-collision Laser Warning Light may become the new trend of active security defense in the near future.

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RatedVoltage | 12V-24V |
OutputPower | 200MW |
LaserWavelength | 650NM |
EmittingColor | Red |
WorkTemperature | -20C-70C |
CarMake | availableforanycar |
BeamAngle | 45 |
Packagetype | ExportNeutralBox |
PackingSize | 17*13*6CM |
Weight | 0.4KG/set |
Waterproof | IP67 |
Customize | Yes |
MaxAdjustableAngle | Goupanddown90 |
Advantage | *WarningSignal,warningbackcardon'ttouchorcollisiononbadweather *Easytoinstall,3Msticker,Harmlesstocar *MoreBrightnessandclear |
- - - -


Easy to warning back car pay attention don't touch or collision on fog , raining ,snowing Weather.

More brightness and clear, best than fog light and licence light. Easy to install, it will lighting when turn on the fog light.

Installation position:

Alternative connection to belowed line is workable
1.Connect to fog lamps'line
2.Connect to brake lamps'line
3.Connect to dangerous warning lamps'line

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