Straight Silicone Spark Plug Rubber Boot In High Voltage Ignition System

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Straight Silicone Black Spark Plug Rubber Boot in High Voltage Ignition System

1. Specifications of product:

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Raw material properties | Shore-A hardness | 555A |
Elongation at break | 300% |
Tear strength | 15N/mm |
Dielectric strength | 20KV/mm |
Tensile strength | 6N/mm2 |
Tensile deformation | 20% |
Density | 1.170.02 g/cm3 |
Withstand voltage 18KV for 30minutes | NO breakdown |
Surface resistance | 1011 |
Ageing resistance | 1552.5X168h,Without any cracking |
Product features | Color | Black |
Withstand voltage | 30KV |
Usage temperature | -20-155 |
Material | Silicone rubber |
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2. Description of product:
# Produced by silicone rubber, which is odorless, no harm to body
# Great dielectric properties, such as withtand high voltage
# Excellent ability to resist high and low temperature
# Can work under the circumstance of-20~155
# The product is smooth. The burr of the parting lines is less than 0.5mm.
# Can work for a long time, which isnot less than 3 years

3. Applications of product:
# Used in the ignition system of auto engine

4. Competitive advantage:
# # We have CNC maching center, electrical discharging machine and other processed machine.
# We can produce modes individually, helping controling product quality and shortening development cycle.
# We can design and develop specific products for customers, meet special requirements.
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