Auto Ignition System Spark Plug Rubber Boot , Heat / Coldness Tolerance

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For Auto Ignition system , Spark Plug Rubber Boot , Heat / Coldness Tolerance

Appearance of product:
# Color:Black
# Material: Silicone rubber
# Surface: smooth
# Shape: straight and cylinder

Physical properties of product:
# Density:1.170.02 g/cm3
# Shore-A hardness:655A
# Tensile strength:6N/mm2
# Elongation at break:300%
# Tear strength:15N/mm
# Tensile deformation:20%

Electrical properties of product:
# Dielectric strength:20KV/mm
# Withstand voltage 18KV for 30minutes:NO breakdown
# Surface resistance:1011
# Withstand voltage:30KV

Stability of product:
# Ageing resistance:1552.5X168h,Without any cracking

Dimension of product:
# Burr of the parting lines: 0.5mm
# Diameter of ignition wire end: 6.50.5mm
# Diameter of spark plug end: 100.5mm

Environment for use:
# Usage temperature:-20-155

Strength of product:
# Product has no smell, health for people.
# Great heat resistance, cold tolerance, and dielectric properties
# Long life: be able to usenoless than 50,000 km or 3 years
# Based on complete die processingequipments, sheathscan be designed and developed according to customers requirements in a short time.

# near auto engine, connecting spark plug and High voltage wire


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