Waterproof 250w - 1000w E Bike LCD Display Enduro Bike Accessories

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250w - 1000w E - bike lcd display


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Color : Dark gray
Warranty : 1 years
Size : 96mm x 65mm


The illustrated manual will help you understand andbe familiar with the meter function, guiding you on how to operate the meter, how to set the project parameters, how to achieve the best match of the three as motor, controller and meter to improve electronic control performance of the electric motor. This manual covers installation, operation, parameter setting of the meter and how to use it properly, which help you resolve the problems appeared in practical use.

Function Overview

LCD meter provide you with a variety of functions such as vehicle controls and vehicle status digitized displays to meet the trip demands.
Trip time display (with displays of a single trip time (TM) and total trip time (TTM));
Trip speed display (with displays of real-time speed (Km/H or MPH) and a single maximum speed (MXS) and a single average speed (AVS));
Trip distance display (with displays of a single trip distance (DST) and total trip distance (ODO));
Power assistant ratio (or handlebar) gear (ASSIST) switch;
6Km/H power assistant push function;
Cruise function (CRUISE);
Battery capacity indicator ;
Real-time battery voltage (VOL) display;
Motor power and temperature (MOTOR) display;
Brake display ;
Turn on backlighting and lights ;
Environment temperature display;
Data clearing;
Fault code display;
User parameter setting

Main Material and Color

PC material is mainly used for KT-LCD3 meter and button box housing, and the housing color is dark gray or white.

Installation Instruction

The meter body and button box are mounted on the handlebars of the electric vehicle,
adjusting perspective. In the case that the vehicleis power off, the meter connectors are in
plug connection to corresponding controller connectors. Turn on the power, electric
vehicle and meter will be under normal operation, the meter installation is finished. The
protection film on meter display panel should be torn.

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