8.4 inch Multifunctional 4 handpieces anti aging machine ipl rf beauty equipmen

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4 System Multifunction Beauty Machine With Up Or Dowm Adjustable

Basic Specification

- - - -
Display | 8.4 inch color-touch LCD screen |
Operation language | English, Spanish, Deutsch, Italian, French, Turkish 16in total |
Cooling system | Japanese semiconductor + air + water + cooling gel |
Output power | 2200W |
Voltage | 220V (110V)/15A 50Hz (60Hz) |
Machine Size | 44x53x89cm |
Package Size | 57x68x107cm |
Gross Weight | 68kgs |
- - - -


- - - -
IPL system | IPL energy density | 1-50J/cm2 |
IPL frequency | 1~4s |
Pulse no. | 1~6 |
Wavelength | 640nm standard |
Spot size | 15x50mm2 |
E Light system | IPL energy density | 1-50J/cm2 |
RF energy density | 1-50J/cm2 |
IPL frequency | 1~4s |
Wavelength | 480nm, 530nm, 590nm, 640nm, 690nm standard, (410nm/490nm for optional) |
Spot size | 13x30mm, 13x40mm optional |
RF system | RF energy density | 1-50J/cm2 |
RF frequency | 6MHz |
RF delay | 100-1500ms |
Interval | 1-4s |
Spot size | 20/28/35mm dia. |
Yag Laser system | Laser energy | 1400mj |
Probe | 1064nm, 532nm standard (skin rejuvenation probe for optional) |
Instruction light | Imported infrared ray indicator |
Pulse width | 6ns |
Frequency | 1~6Hz |
Spot diameter | 4~8mm |
- - - -

Application & Feature

1. Hairremoval:removalhaironanyareaofthebody.
2. Wrinkleremoval:reducedeeperwrinkles
3. Pigmentationremoval:Removalfreckle,sunspot,agespotandacne.
4. Vascularremoval:spidervein,telangiectasia,rosacea.
5. AcneRemoval
6. Skinrejuvenation:smoothskin,removefinelines,restflexibilityandtoneofskin.

1. Multifunction in one equipment, integrates with IPL + RF + E Light + ND YAG LASER 4 systems, which with 4 handpieces together.
2. PORTABLE DESIGN, make your operation much convenient, easy carry away anywhere; It's
Also the first smart design in market. The components imported from USA, Japan.
3. Convenience:
A. User friendly software means that operator error is drastically reduced
B. Internal modular design, easy installation and maintenance
C. Multi-software languages, easy your operations
D. 8.4" color touch LCD screen, all parameters setup can be finished easily here
E. Big spot size: fast and painfree hair removal.
4. 4 handpieces:
A. IPL handpiece: 15x50mm big spot size design for instant hair removal professionally
B. E Light (IPL&RF) handpiece: Professional design, can prolong its using life twice or 3 times than traditional handpiece
C. RF handpiece: Big and small treatment probes facility different area treatment, comfortable and painless
D. ND YAG LASER handpiece: 100% American imported "plug and play" connections, translate into reliable and long lasting machines capable of continuous work in busy clinic/salons, also easy your maintenance
5. Alarm protection system of water flow and water temperature, stop all working immediately in case of any risk at the first time, offering a safe operation to you.
6. Painless: Can offer good cooling treatment for each client, and reduce the pain feeling greatly in
turn. No scar during/after treatment.

Why choose US002?
Prefect design: It can free to up and down the control system to 25cm, It can be portable and vertical.
# Big power supply 2500W, it can cover heavy work time more than 8-12hour.
# Perfect cooling system: Japanese semiconductor + water + air + cooling gel, and the skin temperature -3-10
# USA crystal gem, It make sure theshot pulse99.9% purity quotient.
# Low cost with highest quality. US002 ishighest quality of China, It can compare with any country of European, but the price is much less than those countries

US002 is a 4 in 1 machine, combined with IPL+e-Light+Bipolar RF+Nd-Yag laser. Which can do Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, skin tightening, pigment therapy, vascular therapy, breast liftup assistant, tattoo removal.

1x E light handle
1x IPL handle
1x Bipolar RF handle
1x Nd-yag laser with 1604nm/532nm
1x Doctor glasses
1x patient google
1x power line
1x Pedal
1x funnel
2x keys
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