LCD Display 6KVA UPS Battery Replacement Double Conversion With DSP Digital Cont

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LCD Display 6KVA UPS Battery Replacement Double conversion with DSP Digital Control


HP series on-line series is the product that has strong adaptability and flexible configuration, adopt double conversion pure architecture, design, can provide a good solution when voltage too high or too low, transient voltage drop or damped oscillation, high voltage pulse,

voltage fluctuation, surge voltage, harmonic distortion and noise disturbance, such as frequency rate fluctuation condition, so as to ensure the safe and reliable power supplies for user load ; With the advanced DSP digital control technology; Effectively improve the product performance and system reliability and achieve higher power density of integration miniaturization. At the same time in order to meet the personalized needs for users in all directions, high-frequency series 1 k - on-line 20 k provides a very rich extensible function, according to requirement, users can to be flexible configuration.

Functional features:

1. Breakthrough ultra compact design and high power density, equipment volume are smaller 20% ~ 70% than the same type product.

2. Double conversion on-line design, ensure the power supply reliability.

3. The super wide input voltage/frequency range, to adapt the severe power grid environment.

4. LCD display, in order to more directly and conveniently for setup.

5. input voltage range:120 ~ 288 v, output not derating, greatly reduce the probability of transfer cells, improve the battery life.

6. Strong overload capacity: within nominal voltage ,overload 130% for 10 minutes, 150% for 1 minute, meet the customer load requirements.

7. 8 A lead charging ability, the ability of charging can be set up, meet the long time delay battery recharge quickly, improve the battery life

8. Excellent environmental protection, energy saving features, efficiency of 3-4% higher than the same products at the same time can be as high as 91%.

9. Rich monitoring management option, improve system reliability.

Technical specifications and parameters:

- - - -
model | HP1106KS |
capacity | 6KVA/4.8KW |
phase number | Single phase |
| output |
voltage range | 176-276VAC |
frequency range | 47~53Hz or 57~63Hz |
power factor | 0.99@ nominal voltage(100%load) |
| output |
output voltage | 220/230VAC1% |
frequency range | Synchronization with input(AC) 50Hz0.2Hz or 60Hz0.2Hz(battery mode) |
power factor | 0.8 |
switching time | 0ms |
output waveform | pure sine wave |
overload capacity | load<105%,long-time running,105%< load <125%>1min,125%<load<30ms |
| battery |
battery model (standard machine) | 12V7AH16 |
Dc voltage(Long-acting machine) | 192VDC |
Size(standard machine) | 248*500*616 |
size(Long-acting machine) | 460*190*340 |
| operating environment |
humidity | 20-90%RH@0-40 (Non-condensate) |
Noise | <45dBA@1Meter |
| control supervisor |
Smart RS-232/ select USB | support Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008 |
selectSNMP | Power management support SNMP management and network management |
- - - -


Servers, storage, network equipment, communications equipment, automation equipment, precision instruments, medical diagnostic equipment, OFFICE terminal, monitoring, security systems, important household appliances.

Applicable industry:

telecom, finance, government, health care, education, manufacturing, postal logistics, transportation, commercial/retail.

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