High Security Chloride Brine Electrolysis System Environmental Protection

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High Security Chloride Brine Electrolysis System Environmental Protection


CNJY - L series NaClO generator is a new type of NaClO solution for field production equipment , suitable for all kinds of needs NaClO disinfected venues. Its working principle is:



Technical parameters:

- - - -
Type | Power(V/Hz) | concentration of liquid(mg/l) | available chlorine (Kg/h) | Flow (m3/h) | Salt consumption (kg/d) | Water consumption (m3/d) | Power consumption (kw) | Size(m) (lwh) |
CNJY-L10000 | 380V/50Hz | 7-9 | 10 | 1.25 | 840 | 30 | 32 | 1200*860* 1950 |
- - - -

Work flow chart :

Automatic sodium hypochlorite generator system fully automatic production, contains the system

A, Automatic dissolving salt tank :Including salt tank , liquid level control , dissolving salt pump , electric valves , piping and other components which could automatic transmission salt , dissolving salt , saturated brine

B, Saturated brine filter :Including stainless steel two precision filter ,primary filtering accuracy 50um, secondary filtration precision 5um, use PP filter , the filter can be easily replaced, ensure clean brine ;

C, Dilute brine tank :The saturated brine and production water has been diluted with 2.5 % weak brine water , for the power solutions

D, Sodium hypochlorite generator host machine :Including electrolytic cell , electrolysis power , intelligent control center PLC , the control element, man-machine interface , PC communication module, the operator panel, the host stand, electric valves, electrical power distribution system

E, Sodium hypochlorite solution storage tank :including hydrogen storage tank , exhaust equipment

F, Automatic dosing and on-line monitoring system: including the inverter , corrosion metering dosing pump , online residual chlorine monitor , and the closed-loop control of chlorine

G,Online instrument series : Production water pressure monitoring , dilute brine online salinity monitoring , temperature controller , flammable gas monitoring sensor , these monitoring instruments are all included alarm signal output

Advantage on CNJY Products :

For CNJYtechnology: 2 mm base material, titanium of the nanoscale ruthenium iridium oxide coating on the over25 times coating, coating thickness up to 20 microns adhesion, long service life. Other manufacturers: electrode thickness is only 1.0 mm, common ruthenium iridium thickness thin, easy to deformation. After scaling easy to short circuit, the above is scaling electrode after burn.


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