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GIGAA supplies CHEESE ,VELAS and GBOX serials medical diode lasers from 2.5W to 60W with wavelength of 810nm or 980nm, which have been used in many human clinical applications in the world.The practice and education of GIGAA Diode Laser also have been the driving force promoting the growth of laser use in veterinary medicine. During the past few years, however diode lasers have virtually replaces Nd:yag lasers or CO lasers for fiber directed laser surgery because of their smaller size, increased versatility and decreased maintenance requirements. At the highest setting, you will find that the GIGAA Diode Laser is as easy to use as a scalpel for everyday procedures. The accuracy of the laser beam targets and vaporizes the pigmented cellular structures in soft tissue. At low wattage, you can use the GIGAA Diode Laser for therapeutic procedures to promote healing as well as control pain, inflammation, and infection. Surgery General Surgery ·Anal Sac Abcessation ·Ceruminous Adenocarcinoma ·Declaw ·Epibulbar Melanoma ·Hemangiopericyoma ·Perianal Tumors ·Tendon Sheath Tumors Small Animal ·Ear Canal Ablation ·Gingivectomy/Plasty ·Laryngeal Scar Removal ·Oral, Ear, Nose & Throat ·Osteosarcoma of Palate ·Salivary Gland Removal ·Soft Palate Resection ·Tonsillectomy Equine ·Ablation of Penile and Cervical Lesions ·Entrapped Epiglottis Procedure ·Ethmoid Hematoma ·Gutteral Pouch Membrane Ablation Avian and Exotic ·Cesearian Section ·Eyelid Polyp Removal ·Granulation Tissue Ablation ·Papilloma Removal ·Renal Adenocarcinoma Opthalmology ·Conjunctiva Treatment ·Distichia, Ectopic Cilia ·Entropion ·Eyelid Tumor Removal ·Hemangioma Removal ·Mast Cell Tumors VETERINARY LASER THERAPY Gigaa veterinary diode laser provide Class IV deep penetrating therapy laser. This non-invasive, safe therapy uses advanced light wave technology has been shown to be exceptionally effective in wound and lesion decontamination, biostimulation to regenerate new tissue, and collagen coagulation to reduce tissue inflammation and bleeding. The therapy is has no pain and no side effects whatsoever. The powerful Clsaa IV therapy is actually treat the problem instead cover the Symptom. The most common Laser Therapy indications are: Acute or chronic otitis (Ear problems) Anal Gland inflammation Arthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease) Back Pain (Intervertebral Disc Disease) Hot Spots Idiopathic Cystitis – (Bladder Inflammation) Inflammatory Conditions: Lick Granulomas Periodontitis (Gingivitis) Sinusitis, Rhinitis (Nasal problems) Surgery (Incisions, Growth Removals, Bone Surgery) Trauma (Skin, Muscle, Bone) Wounds (Trauma)

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