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Imitation marble resin crafts have the similar appearance to the true marble crafts. And they are cheaper than the true marble crafts. Besides, they are resistant to deformation and crack. What\'s more, they have many advantages as below: Easy to clean. The surface of imitation marble resin crafts has special coating, so they are easy to clean when the surface is polluted, and they can be cleaned by neutral washing agent when the surface is polluted seriously. Imitation marble resin crafts are resistant to chemicals, such as acid and alkali. Outstanding durability. Imitation marble resin crafts are based on inorganic materials, so they are resistant to insects, ants and corrosion. Free of dust. The special coating of surface has high hardness and good abrasion resistance. The surface is very smooth, so the dust is not easy to adhere. Stable size. The expansion and contraction index of imitation marble is small, so the size is nearly unchanged with temperature changes. Resistant to bacteria. The surface of imitation marble resin crafts is smooth, so bacteria are not easy to breed. Besides, the surface is coated anti-bacteria painting, so the anti-bacteria performance is excellent. Environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Resistant to ultraviolet. Imitation marble resin crafts use inorganic and fluorocarbon coatings, which makes the surface have excellent anti-ultraviolet performance. Green and environmental protection.

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