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Before using the charcoal briquette machine, you need to check the electricity. The checking work should be done by specialized electricians. At first, you need to ensure the electric safety. Then, you need to keep the charcoal briquette machine clean. During the working process, more and more dust are produced. After using the charcoal briquette machine, you need to clean the dust and keep machine clean. If necessary, you can equip the charcoal briquette press machine with dust collector. The dust can be recycled. If charcoal briquette machine has failures during the working process and you find out, you need to stop the manufacturing work and solve failures. It is not allowed to run the charcoal briquette machine with failure. For the primary charcoal briquette machine, its hammer head is made of high-chromium cast iron. To make the hammer head run more safely and high-efficiently, Fote technicians develop the compound hammer. Hammer head is made of high manganese steel and low-alloy steel. Working part of hammer is made of high-chromium cast iron. Hammer handle is made of carbon steel. Different textures used make hammer head more excellent in hardness and tenacity. Want to get more? Please visit our website in your spare time! As to the price, it needs your project background like material kind, desired output and size of finished products. According to the information you give, we can give you the detailed quota. The quota of our company is the most competitive around all suppliers in Henan, China. If you do not believe, you can ask and make comparison. Fote Heavy Machinery: Email:
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