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Coal briquette press machine, also named as coal briquetting machine, is the top choice to suppress raw materials for all kinds of mining enterprises. Featuring in simple structure, simple operation and excellent cost performance, the coal briquette machine is very popular among the world markets. Among all kinds of mining machines, coal briquetting plant is mainly used to suppress the conny materials. (Website Link: For many customers, factors of quality and working efficiency are often considered about when it refers to the selection of coal briquette plant. Driven by the dynamo, the belts make the double rollers extrude each other by the reducer. Raw materials, being delivered into the distance between double rollers, are suppressed into briquettes under the extruding force of rollers. Finally, the finished briquettes are discharged out and the whole working process of coal briquette machine is over. Even though it is rather easy to operate the coal briquette press machine, you still need to master some knowledge about the maintenance. The maintenance work is of extreme importance for the working efficiency and stability of coal briquetting plant. All the electric equipment of coal briquetting machine should be grounded. During the working process of coal briquette machine, works of adjustment, overhaul and clean are not allowed. If required, the coal briquetting plant should be turned off firstly. For operators, they should be skillfully trained before working. When the coal briquette plant works, operators are not allowed to move the raw material by their hands at the feeding mouth. Besides, operators are not allowed to observe the working condition of coal briquette press from above. Or else, some briquettes would fly out and harm operators. Coal briquette machine supplier:
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