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hardware counting and packing machine I. :Company introduction Guangzhou Yilugao Packing Machinery Technic Co.Ltd(sales center) Dongguan Yilugao Packing Machinery Technic Co., Ltd(manufacturing center) Is a professional packing machine producer in Guangzhou over 15 yeare.. We design, manufacture and sell our products as well as provide after-sales service. Our vertical automatic packing machines are widely used in packing slice, grain, liquid and powder and materials such as foodstuff, medicine and chemical products. II.: Specifications: - - - - Packaging type | Plastic pillow shape bag | Driven Type | Electric and pneumatic | Measurement accuracy | <= +- 1% | Lanes quantity | Only one | Machine made of | Carbon steel mainly | Packaging material | Laminated roll film | Electric voltage | 380V / 3 phases /50 HZ | Measurement device | Vibrating hopper | Machine size(estimated) | Depending on the hoppers quantity. | Date coding | Ribbon printer(for chosen) | - - - - III.: Description: 1.Sealingtype:backsealing packingmethod. 2.Operation:packingrunningdataandadjustmentaredirectlydisplayedon thedisplay.Theusercandirectlyoperateitonthedisplayer. 3.Function:makingbag,metering,filling,sealing,cutting,countingandprintingbatchnumber. 4.Bodymaterial:carbon steel andstainlesssteel 5.Fillingtype:measurement vibrating hopper. 6. This machine can finish measuring, pulling, feeding, forming, cutting automatically. 7. Chinese-English operating screen display, easy operation and maintenance. 8. Mitsubishi PLC control system insure steady working conditions, and available to adjust any parameter without stopping the machine. 9. Adopt step motor to pull film, more accurate. 10. Independent temperature control system, precision1 degree. 11. Independent control of horizontal / longitudinal temperature, to ensure a good fit of various kinds of complex film. 12. Automatic alarm protects system, to save the waste into minimum limited. IV.: Applications: - - - - Applicable product | Hardware, nails,bolt and so on.. | Applicable field | Kinds of daily consumption, medicine, chemicals, hardware | - - - - V.: Competitive Advantage: (1) Why should you choose YILUGAO Packaging machine? YILUGO company is specializing in packing machine over 10 years, with good quality and competitive price. (2) Can you provide after-sale service? Of course, we have experienced engineers available to service machine overseas. (3) Can I visit your factory and send workers for learning? Welcome, we will provide you about the skill of packing machine. (4) What are our advantages? A: experienced designers and manufacturers; B: Competitive and reasonable price; C: Professional inspection department to guarantee quality.
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