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Pigment ink digital inkjet printing machine Pigment ink automatic nozzle cleaning KD-400 series high-speed belt digital inkjet printing machine Product description KD series middle-speed belt digital ink-jet printing machine has high efficiency, high accuracy, low cost. Production capacity can meet growing fast market needs of sample printing and small bulk industrial digital printing production, greatly enhanced printing products value-added, helping printing companies stand out in the fierce market competition. Function and characters 1, imported industrial-grade stainless steel piezoelectric nozzle, long service life and high reliability. 2, 8-color mode , vivid color finely restored 3, nozzle pressure adjustment, heavy fabrics also can be printed vivid and brilliant. 4, efficient belt-feeding system ensure the continuous, stable and straight fiber feeding. precision and reliable belt correcting system ensure the flatness of the fiber during the high-speed printing process. 5 automatic nozzle cleaning devices, fast and convenient, meets the continuous operational requirements. 6, Intelligent control of ink feeding volume ensures the high quality printing requirements . 7, screw, precision magnetic suspension motor and grating system to ensure precise print location 8, sprinkler automatic height adjustment, application of different thickness of fabric printing requirements. 9, closed-end automatic ink supply system ensuring fabric 24*7 continuous production requirements. 10, to provide precise control of cloth and your cloth. 11, green ink, green dyeing and printing, color rich, fade rate is low, the ink colorant and additive material are made of non-toxic constituents, compliance with international environmental standards. Pollution free, meet market requirements for environmental protection, energy consumption, cleaner production. 12-open source companies certification, open ink system can be used. 13, far-infrared drying, good effects, pollution-free. 14, simple operation, easy to understand, even normal paint factory worker training can get in three days. 15, providing a package of solutions that can be equipped with a variety of sizing and finishing equipment (sizing machines, washing machines and steam machines, etc). 16, open source companies give customers full technical and technological support services. 17, is widely used in chemical fiber, nylon, cotton, linen, silk, wool and other fabrics. Technical parameters - - - - Nozzle type | Imports of industrial grade stainless steel piezo nozzles, sprinklers and medium distance 1-35mm may need to set up | Output Accuracy | Highest 1200DPI, can choose according to need | Efficient width | 2100mm | 2800mm | 3200mm | Printing speed | Ordinary quality print speed 60m/ h, standard quality print speed 40m/ h, high-quality print speed 28m/ h | Suitable ink | Reactive, acid, disperse, coatings, automatic ink supply | Color model | 8 COLORCMYKLclmlylk | Suitable fabric | Cotton, hemp, silk, nylon, chemical fiber, wool, etc. | Fabric transport | Conduction band transmission, automatic winding, guide with automatic cleaning, automatic correcting, with far-infrared drying system automatically | Image format | Rpf, apf, bmp, tif, jpg, pcx, eps | Equipment size | 1620*3520*1500mm | 1620*4420*1500mm | 1620*4620*1500mm | Equipment weight | 2000kg | 2500kg | 3000kg | Device power consumption | 7.5kw)AC220V (drying systems 380VAC) 50-60HZ, 9.5kw (which drying system 7.5kw) | Device power consumption | 5-8kg/Cm | Working environment | Temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, humidity 60% -80% | - - - -

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