Flat - Bed Digital Inkjet Fabric Printing Machine For Cotton Chemical Fiber Silk

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Flat - bed Digital Inkjet Fabric Printing Machine For Cotton chemical fiber silk nylon KD-F flat-bed digital inkjet printing machine Introduction KD flat digital inkjet printing machine is the high-end digital printing system of designed for home spinning printing such as: hair sweater, silk shirt, t-shirt, advertising shirts, clothing pcs, fine tablecloth, bath curtain, curtains, fabric, swimwear, and banner. its efficient, high precision, and low cost capacity can meet increasing requirements of fast printing sample market, and provide the powerful guarantee for personalized production capacity, more suitable for the needs of digital printing factory or big bulk digital printing industrial production workshop, that can significantly add value to printing products.. Functional characteristics 1. use imported industrial grade stainless steel the piezoelectric nozzles, long service life, high reliability and maximum print speeds of up to 45 square meters/hour, Sweater 300 pieces/day. 2. the 8-color printing color mode configuration, vivid color finely restored and vivid. 3. With the piezoelectric industrial grade high viscosity sprayer, heavy fabrics also can be printed vividly. 4. intelligently controlled inkjet and pattern printing can meet the high quality requirements. 5. widely used in chemical fiber, nylon, cotton, linen, silk, wool and other fabrics. 6. the height of the nozzle can be adjusted automatically in the range of 1-25mm, suitable for all kinds of printing of different thickness of fabric. 7. Environment-friend ink, green printing, vivid color, low fade rate (ink colorant and auxiliary material are all made by non-toxic ingredients, that are compliance with international environmental standards). 8. compared with traditional printing machine, total power consumption decreased by 35-50% , water consumption decreased by 25-40%, dye material decreased by 60%, free pollution during the whole production processes, that meets market requirements for environmental protection, energy consumption and cleaner production. 9. Convenient operation, easy to understand (normal worker only needs three dayss training before operating the machine). 10. application area: printing on such as hair sweater, silk shirt, t-shirt, advertising shirts, clothing pcs, fine tablecloth, bath curtain, curtains, fabric, swimwear, banner, and home fiber etc. Technical parameters - - - - model | KD-F | Max. printing square | 1600mm*2000mm | Printing speed | Low quality printing speed:45/h Normal quality printing speed:30/h High quality printing speed:25/h | Nozzle type | Industry grade stainless piezoelectric nozzle | Color configure | 8 colors | Nozzle height | 1-25mm adjustable | Working materials | Cotton, linen, silk, nylon, chemical fiber, wool etc. | Ink feeding system | Auto feeding system, provide continuously ink feeding | Ink colors | Blue, yellow, black, pale blue, pale yellow, pale black. | Ink type | Acid, active, scattering, painting | Designed power | 3kw | Air pressure | 5-8kg/cm2 | Working environment | Temperature 20-30,humidity 50%-80% | Power suppliy | 220v single phase,50-60HZ 20Amp | Ink storage temperature | -20-55 | - - - -

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