Roofing Panel / Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine With 12 Roll Station

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C/U/Z Purlin Quick Changeable Forming Line Descrition: The each part of equipment description: 1 5 T hydraulic decoiler Single head decoiler ,hydraulic inner expansion and motorized decoiling Coil weight (Max):5000kg Coil dia (Max):1600mmCoil Width(Max.):500mm Motor power:4kw 2, 2 Rolls Feeding, 5 rolls leveling Feeding width can be adjustable on the right and left Feeding roller, dia is 100mm,material 45# steel, high-frequency quenched( heat treatment HRC48-52) 5 rolls leveling,(2 upper rolls and 3 lower rolls ).diameter 100mm ,quenched material 45# steel, high-frequency quenched( heat treatment HRC48-52) Hydraulic pre-cut: 1set,hydraulic motor: 5.5kw 4. Roll forming Unit Main motor power: 37kw motor made in China which connected with the reducer ,model ZSY250 Roll forming stands:20stations Rolled steel thickness:1.5--4mm Way of Drive: gearbox with joint coupling drive(see picture below) Main shaft dia: 90mm ,material: 45steel HB 220-260 Rollers material: GCr15 forged steel, quenched 58-62 Working speed:5m--12m/min(not including punching) Machine structure: heavy forged iron stands( see the picture below) All of the C/U/Z profiles can be produced in this machine For C/U purlin: width:80-300mm height:40mm80mm(adjust automatically by PLC) For Z purlin:width :100-300mm height:50mm80mm(adjust automatically by PLC) It needs 30 min to finish changing from C/U to Z profiles It just needs 5 min to finish changing the width from one width to another width 5. Hydraulic pre-punching ( 2 sets) Way of punching:hydraulic punching Hydraulic pressure:25Mpa Punching mould material: Cr12 quenched 58-62 Hydraulic power:11kw One set of round holes punching mould ,size 14mm--18mm One set of vertical holes punching mould ,size 14mmx26mm 6. Hydraulic cutting( without scraps) Way of cutting:Hydraulic mould cutting Blade material: Cr12 quenched 58-62 Working pressure:25Mpa Total cutting blades:15 sets 7.Electrical parts: Way of control: PLC,Siemens made in Germany Inverter: Siemens made in Germany Operation panel: Siemens touch screen made in Germany Omron encoder measures the length 8. 12M auto-stacker # Stacking length:max 12 m # Direction of output: airlinder makes the product turning # Power for lifting& lowering: 3KW # Way of control: PLC ,Simens brand # Max stacking height:500mm # Pictures as reference Summerization of the whole line: Total power:60.5KW Demension:35mx2.5mx1.6m The components of the whole line 5T hydraulic decoiler, roll forming Machine ( guiding,feeding, leveling and hydraulic pre-cut ) ,2 sets of holes punching units, PLC cabinet, Hydraulic station, hydraulic cutting unit,12M stacker,15 sets of cutting blades Specifications: C/Z/U Purlin Interchangeable Forming Machine The profiles Drawing: The Holes Punching Drawing(punched on the width) The thickness of sheet: 1.5mm---4mm hot rolled or galvanized steel .G300Mpa The production flow of equipment 5T hydrarlic Decoiler-- 2 rolls feeding --5 leveling--hydraulic pre-cut ---- Punching station 1 --- Punching station 2 -- Roll Forming -- Hydraulic cutting ( without scraps) ---- 12M stacker - - - - NO. | Items | Unit | Main specification | 1 | Material thickness | mm | 1.5-3.5 | 2 | Forming speed | m/min | 12-20 | 3 | Roll station | / | 14 stations(depend on the profile) | 4 | Main power | kw | 37 | 5 | Hydraulic power | kw | 11 | 6 | Control system | / | PLC panasonic/omron/simens/mitsubishi | 7 | Drive | / | gearbox drive | 8 | Decoiler | 5T | hydraulic decoiler | - - - -

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