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Remote Access Auto Car Parking Lock Vehicle Parking Equipment GENERAL: Theseriesofparkinglockdevelopedbyourcompanyisfeaturedbyniceappearance,novelstructure,easy control,strongfunctionandhighsecurityandreliability,etc.Theparkinglockcaneffectivelyavoidthe misusing oroccupationoftheparkinglock. Function : 1. Can protect your parking space; 2. Can be used in parking lots , uptown ,office building , commercial building,hotel, airport; 3. Advantages : beautiful shape , scientific structure , extensive functions; 4. Move up/down, prevent parking place from being occupied 5. To some extent, protects the car from being stolen 6. Generous design and solid 7. Intelligent circuit can correct the faulty operating 8. Remote can control the machine in 30m with RFID technology 9. When the board is at lowest position, alarm function will be canceled 10. Unique semicircular design can bear bigger pressure. Specification: - - - - Dimension | 1000*180*80(L*W*H) | Material | High-quality rolled steel pyrolytic coating | Working Temperature | -40C~+60C | Up-and-down Running time | 3-5s | Ascending Height | 315mm | Falling height | 80mm | Detail Size | Baseplate thickness:2mm | - - - - 1.contorlconvenience. 2. strongfunctionandsafetyguard. 3. longservicelife. 4. Thecolorwon\'tfade Characteristics: 1. The whole machine adopts a high-quality steel plate creation ,firm,bear to press ,seal completely .It\'s not afraid breeze blow ,rain pour, insolation(can soak in the water)can be installed indoorer outside arbitraily place. 2. Electric cell\'s refreshing once can for 100 days,economy energy environmental protection .(the low amount of electricity report to the police system ,can in time remind customer to refresh the battery. 3. This machine has to be subjected to outside dint especially to sprung and report to the police function , the machine also can work normally after collision ,and not be damaged.

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