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Intrinsically Safe Sounder Strobe Suitable for Refineries and Power Plants

TX6302 (EX)

Intrinsically Safe Sounder Strobe

Main Features
# Certified explosion-proof resettable type MCP
# Reliable hardware circuitry design
# Plug-in structure design for easy and reliable installation
# Workable with T&A 3-Series Intelligent Control Panels through Zener Barrier Interface TX6411

Technical Specifications
# Operating Voltage: 24VDC (16V~28V)
# Operating Current: Standby 2mA; Alarm 50mA
# Flashing Frequency: 1.5Hz 20%
# Sound Pressure Level: 75100dB
# Sound Pulsing Frequency: 24 s
# Operating Environment(Indoor use only): # Temperature : -20+55;
# Relative Humidity95 Non-condensation

# LED Indicator Status: # Fire Indicator: Red, off when standby and on after alarm

# Material/Color: Fire-retardant ABS/Red
# Dimension/Weight: 149.2*95.8*55.2mm / 165g

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