4 - Wire Gas Detector With Relay Contact 110V / 220V AC Powered Applicable To NG

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Stand Alone 4-Wire Gas Detector with Relay Contact, 110VAC/220VAC powered, applicable to NG/CG/LPG/LNG


Gas Detector

Main Features
# AC powered standalone Gas Detector with relay output
# Applicable to all sorts of combustible gases (NG/CG/LPG/LNG)
# Built-in relay contacts for control of gas valve and exhaust fan
# Audio signal with LED warning light for alarm
# High quality catalytic combustion gas sensor
# Self diagnostic function with MCU software
# Test/Silence and Reset buttons available
# LED indicators for Alarm, Fault and Power

Technical Specifications
# Power Source: 110/220VAC 50Hz
# Power Consumption: Standby <1.5W, Alarm<3W
# Sensitivity: LNG 5000ppm (10%LEL)
# Audio Alarm: 80dB @ 3 meters
# Relay Output: NO/NC (2A@24VDC)(default setting)
# Operating environment:

Temperature: -10C to +50C

Relative Humidity : 5%-95%, non-condensation
# Weight: 265g
# Dimension: 76mm x 122mm x 38mm

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