Waterproof Plastic Dip / Rubber Acrylic Spray Paint Multi Purpose Peelable Film

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Waterproof Plastic Dip / Rubber Acrylic Spray Paint Multi Purpose Peelable Film Coationg Spray


1. Suitable for all kinds of substrates in various shapes , such as Metal, alloy,plastic ,glass,optical material,Scotch pebbles, ivory

2.Suitable for all kinds of processing cover protection,anodizeL part electroplating, chemical plating, sand blasting, etc

3.Apply to all the surface of the smooth, impervious and no gap


1.Wear protective appliances and construction in the condition of ventilation. The spray-painted surface should be cleaned thoroughly before spraying, no dust, grease, and moisture.

2. Use thecover material to form a line , prepare for spraying , to prevent overspray spraying.

3. Spray distance 15-20CM . If too close or spray too thick in one time , will cause the painted surface sagging, blister .

4. If spray distance too far, spray too thin, can cause lacquer face is coarse, loss of light.

5. The cover material must be removed when the protective film is wet, to avoid the destroy to protective film after drying.

6. One time spray is enough .Room temperature 25C,surfacedry for 20 minutes, completely dry out time < 4 hours.


1. Tightly closed in a cool and ventilated place,keep away from fireand heat

2. Storage temperature 0~40C

3. Storage container cannot be exposure to thermal radiation

4. The shelf life is 12 months since the day of produce


- - - -
Product Name | Multi Purpose Peelable Film Coating Spray Paint |
Nozzle | Concentrated Nozzle |
Valve | Male Valve System |
Can Size | 65*158mm |
N.W/can | 283g |
Model NO | AP7310 |
Packing | 12ctns/ctn |
Carton Size | 275*205*205mm |
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Competitive Advantage:

1. Peelable / Stripplable / Removable

2. Temporary protective coatings

3. Wash Resistant

4. Fast Drying.

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