Repositionable Fabric Adhesive Spray No CFC Textile Spray Contact Adhesive

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Repositionable Fabric Adhesive Spray No CFC Textile Spray Contact Adhesive


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Product Name | Aristo Textile Spray Adhesive |
Item | AA7305-1 |
Content | 500ml/can |
Package | 12cans/carton |
Carton Size | 275*205*250mm |
20ft Loading Capacity | 2037cartons/20\'FCL |
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1. Aristo Textile Spray Adhesive can cover big area with strong adhesive forcewith high adhesive content.

2. When dried, the adhesive area presentssemi-transparent white.

3. It can be used for cloth, paper, board, plastics,soft wood and sponge, or clinging these materials to metal, wood or glass.


1.Mix round before using it and making it mix equally, the perfect temperature for constructing is 25+/-5, and humidity is 55-75%.

2.Deal with the surface right, such as remove oil, dust, rust, moisture and burnish.

3.When using the floor board, bamboo and other wood material, make sure it must containing water below 8%.

4.Its usually gelatinized for one time, for man hole material, it needs to gelatinize 2-3times, and make sure gelatinize the second time after the solvent volatilization completely

5.Avoid it leave the air hole on the sub, it must towards one way when gelatinize. The thinner of the contact adhesive on the sub, the smaller of limitation and shrink, and the higher of the glue strength.

6.Airing after gelatinizing to volatilize the solvent and increase the conglutinate and solidification, then press it properly but not move it come-and-go, so that it can remove the air and improve the quality of conglutinate further.

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