One Component Summer Type PU Foam Spray / Polyurethane Foam Gun / Straw Type

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One component Summer Type PU Foam Spray / Polyurethane Foam gun / straw type

Production description:

Aristo PU Foam(Summer Type) can be used to economically insulate, seal, bond, fill and stop air infiltration. One-component foam cures when moisture in the air reacts with the chemistry of the foam. It is applied to door and window installation, advertisement model, sound insulation and advertisement model, sound insulation and absorption gardening, daily maintenance, resisting water and fixing leak, packing and transportation etc..


1.Sound insulation and absorption: insulate and absorb sound as a sealant in speech room and broadcast studio.
2.Advertisement model: make model and sand plate, repair show board.
3.Packing and transportation: pack valuable and fragile goods easily and quickly, resist shock and press.
4.Door and window insulation: seal, fill, fix and adhere the gap between doors, windows and walls.
5.Daily Maintenance: repair the hole, gap, brick and floor.
6.Gardening: make ikebana and gardening simple and beautiful.
7.Resisting water and fixing leak: mend the hole of water pipe and cloaca.


1. Straw type & Gun type.
2.It contains CFC-free propellants which are harmless to the ozone layer.
3.Good gap filling properties and insulation characteristics.
4.Can be cut and painted.
5. Good insulation,sealing,bonding,fillig functions.
6. Performs stably and Easily used.

Packing Details:

- - - -
Product name | AristoPU Foam (Summer Type) |
Item | AA7301 |
Content | 750ml/can |
Package | 12cans/carton |
Carton Size | 275*205*360mm |
Loading Capacity | 1400ctns/20GP |
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Technical parameters:

- - - -
Main ingredient | Polymethylene polyphenylene ester |
Behavior | Stable foam,CFC free |
Max.Yied rate | 60 times |
Density | 10kg/m3 |
Thermal Conductivity W/(m.k)(35) | 0.050(35) |
Dimensional variation ratio at(232,48hr) | 0.5-5.0% |
Surface curing time | 15min |
Full curing time | 30~60min |
Water permeability | impermeable |
Adhesive strength(tensile strength) inter-PVC-plate bonding | 80kPa |
Adhesive strength(tensile strength) inter-aluminum-alloy bonding | 80kPa |
Working temperature range | 5~40 |
Temperature tolerance range | -40~+100 |
Storage life at 20C degree | 12months around |
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