Multi Purposes Aerosol Spray Paint For Interior And Exterior

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Multi Purposes Aerosol Spray Paint for Interior and Exterior


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Nozzle | Concentrated Nozzle |
Valve | Male Valve System |
Can Size | 65*158mm |
N.W/can | 283g |
Model NO | AP7301 |
Packing | 12ctns/ctn |
Carton Size | 275*205*205mm |
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1.Spray paintis a thermo plastic acrylic aerosol spray paint and it has the characteristic of easy performance, good atomization, high spray rate.

2. The paint can dry fast and the film finish has excellent hardness, adhesion, gloss and flexibility ,

impactresistance, colorful surface and good decorative effect, wonderful protect ability.

3. It can be widely used for metals, wood with finished surfaces, glass, ABS and other surfaces.

# # Cleaning the greasy dirt, water stains and dust of the spraying parts thoroughly.
# Filling up hollow part with the atom ash and rub down.
# Shaking the can about 2 minutes before the spraying and make sure it mix well.
# Pressing the nozzle with your forefinger and spraying the surfaces at a distance of 20 to 30cm with a constant speed.
# You can spray several times, the performance effect is better than one thick coating if you spray thin coating every two minutes.
# After use, cleaning the nozzle by reversing the can and pressing the nozzle for three seconds in case of clogging before you store it.

# # Trial spraying on small area of unknown materials and it is workable if there are not adverse reaction after 10 minutes.
# You must assure the can is straight while spraying and the angle is not less than 45 degrees from the horizon.
# Please do not use in rainy or cold environment.
# Please work in well ventilation condition and it is good for the spraying effect in cool and dry, dustfree environment.
# Keep the can away from the children.
# Please store it in cool place which the temperature is between 0-40C and keep it away from fire and heat sources.
# It is prohibited to expose the spray paints in sunshine or burning.
# After use, reversing the empty can and pressing the nozzle to release the remaining gas, then put the empty can in safe place.

Competitive Advantage:
# # Fast Drying
# Rust Resistant
# CFC free

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