Liquid Cleaner Car Care Tire Foam Polish / Tire Cleaner Spray Auto Cleaning Prod

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Liquid Cleaner Car Care Tire Foam Polish / Tire Cleaner Spray Auto Cleaning Products


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Nozzle | Concentrated Nozzle |
Valve | Male Valve System |
Can Size | 65*240mm |
Packing | 12ctns/ctn |
Carton Size | 278*205*288mm |
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1. Aristo Tire Foam Polish can quickly remove the dust on the tire, completelyclean the dirt, grease on tire surface,

it can renew the tire after using, canprevent tire-hardening and cracking, prolong the tire shelf life.

2. It containsunique active polymer components, formed a protective film on the tiresurface, achieve decontamination, polishing and protection at one stage,which can protect the tire from ultraviolet radiation to prolong the tireslife.

3. This product uses environmental formulation, no harm for the bodyand surroundings.


1. Environmental protection, convenient application.

2. Quickly and thoroughly remove the dirt from the surface of the tire,preventing the tyre from aging,

cracking and fading.

3. Keep the tyre shine and bright for a long time.

4. Has no damage to tyre cover and other tyre components.


1. Keep away from Children.

2. Operate in ventilated place.

3. Don\'t put it in the car and keep away from heat and fire.

Competitive Advantage:

1. Protects tire rubber

2. Strong detergent ability
3. Good polishing effect

4. Last long time and easy-use.

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