High Temperature Resistant Aerosol Spray Paint 400ml Fire Paint

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High Temperature Resistant Aerosol Spray Paint 400ml Fire Paint


1. The paint film keeps its original performance at 600-750Chigh temperature for a long time.

2. It can be applied to chimney,pipeline, auto or motor exhaust pipe, and other parts, which work at high temperature.

3. Its film is humidity-resistant, waterproof and weather-resistant, but should avoid contacting with gasoline.


1. Remove thoroughly the oil, soil, water stain and dust from the surface to be sprayed.
2. Shake the can well for about half a minute before spraying.
3. Apply first on an invisible part to make sure the selected color is well matched
4. Keep 15-30 cm away from the surface to be sprayed.
5. During spraying, keep the can upright within a vertical angle of 45.
6. After use, clear the valve and nozzle by spraying upside down for a few seconds.


1. Keep away from heat, flame, spark and other source of ignition.
2. Do not spray on objects with direct contact of food.
3. Spray in well-ventilated place. A better coating effect will be gained if operate in a cool, dry

and dustless environment.
4. Avoid applying the lacquer on a rainy or freezing day.
5. Do not clash, puncture, or incinerate the can, even after use.
6. Store in a cool, dry place (45C); Avoid direct sunlight.
7. Keep out of the reach of children.


- - - -
Nozzle | Concentrated Nozzle |
Valve | Male Valve System |
Can Size | 65*158mm |
N.W/can | 283g |
G.W/can | 378g |
Packing | 12ctns/ctn |
Carton Size | 275*205*205mm |
- - - -

Competitive Advantage:

1. 600-750 heat resistant.

2.Advanced formula.

3. Can keep its original performance

4. Humidity, Waterproof and Weather Resistant.

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