High Density Polyurethane Spray Foam / Winter PU Foam Insulation Spray Can

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High Density Polyurethane Spray Foam / Winter PU Foam Insulation Spray Can

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Aristo Winter PU Foam 0vercomes the limit of temperature conditions, itcan be used in low temperature condition (-15C).It supplies a gap of the domestic winter OCF market and meets the demand of customers and market. used ongap filling, adhering, sealing, heat insulating and sound absorbing.

Packing Details:

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Product name | AristoPU Foam (Winter Type) |
Item | AA7301 |
Content | 750ml/can |
Package | 12cans/carton |
Carton Size | 275*205*360mm |
Loading Capacity | 1400ctns/20GP |
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Technical parameters:

1. Density:15-30Kg/m3

2. Adhesion strength:PVC to PVC>100kPa

Aluminum to aluminum>80kPa

3. Elongation at break:8-20%

4. Shear strength:22-50kPa

5. Compression strength:35-100kPa at 10% compression

6. Thermo conductivity:<0.035Kcal/m H

7. Tack free time:9-13min

8. Cutting time:45-60min

9. Closed cells:60-70%

10. Storage life:12 months when stored at 20


It can be applied to damp surfaces.the more moisture,the quicker the cure.Joining prefabricated wood elements in frame constructions.Mounting and insulating wall panels, corrugated plates, roof tiles, etc.Sealing for aluminum and glass-curtain-wall.Heat insulation of roof constructions.Heat preservation,cold and sound insulation.Application where temperature between-15C to +35C.Used for bonding and installation of various doors and windows,glas skylight,vitrine.

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