Fire Resistant PU Foam Spray Insulation Multi-purpose Aristo Polyurethane Foam

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Fire Resistant PU Foam Spray Insulation Multi-purpose Aristo Polyurethane Foam


1. Aristo PU Foam (B2) is a nonflammable OCF designed according toGermany DIN4102 B2 Standards.

2. It used forgap filling, adhering, sealing, heat insulating andsound absorbing

3. Flame retardant function.

4. Allone-component foams meet GB8624-97 flame resistance requirements forcaulks and sealants.


- - - -
Content | 750ml/can |
Can Size(diameter*lengh without cap) | 65mm*300mm |
Box Size | 275*205*360mm (straw type) 275*205*340mm (gun type) |
Spray type | Straw/gun type |
Can\'s type | DOT-2Q |
- - - -

Technical parameters:

1. Main ingredient: Polymethylene polyphenylene ester

2. Behavior: Stable foam,CFC free

3. Max.Yied rate: 60 times

4. Foam density:10Kg/m3

5. Thermal Conductivity W/(m.k)(35):0.050(35)

6. Dimensional variation ratio at(232,48hr):0.5-5.0%

7. Surface curing time: 15min

8. Full curing time: 30~60min

9. Water permeability: impermeable

10. Adhesive strength(tensile strength) inter-PVC-plate bonding:80kPa

11. Adhesive strength(tensile strength) inter-aluminum-alloy bonding:80kPa

12. Working temperature range: 5~40

13. Temperature tolerance range: -40~+100

14. Matching with German DIN4102-B2 standard.


1. B2 fireproofing grade, absolute security;

2. Installing,fixingandinsulatingofdoorandwindowframes;

3. Fillsandsealsofgaps,jointsandcracks;

4. Connectingofinsulationmaterialsandroofconstruction;

5. Insulates and prevents sound& draft;

6. Seals out insects and pests;

7. Interior/Exterior use, easy to operate;

8. High expanding;

9. May be cutted or sanded when fully cured;

10. CFC free,environment-friendly, keep your health well.


1. It can be applied to damp surfaces.

2.Conventional paints can be applied to the foam.

3. Shake bottle well before each using.

4. After using, clean the gun by PU foam cleaner(We can provide).

5. Place itin a cool well-ventilated dark place and keep sealing.

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