Cold Galvanizing Zinc Spray Paint / Zinc Rich Paint Protective Coating Spray 400

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Cold Galvanizing Zinc Spray Paint / Zinc Rich Paint Protective Coating Spray 400ml


1. This product is highly active anti-corrosion spray paint with excellent decorative function.

2. Its gloss appearance same as ordinary zinc galvanizing technique while anticorrosion performance farmore than ordinary silver powder paint.

3. The paint is of new anticorrosion decorative material providing strong adhesion, weather resistance and easy application.

# # Thoroughly clean grease, water track, dirt and dust on the surface before spraying.
# Shake the can properly about 1 minute and spray evenly at a distance of 20cm away from the target.
# When use for refinish purpose, repeat spraying 23 times, the film thickness to be according to the damaged situation .
# Invert the can after use, spray 3 seconds till the gas emission. Clean nozzle with a cloth to avoid blocking.

# # Trial spraying on small area of unknown materials and it is workable if there is no adverse reaction after 10 minutes.
# Keep the can upwards while spraying and the angle is not less than 45 degrees from the horizon.
# Please work in well ventilation condition and it is good for the spraying effect in cool and dry, dust-free environment.
# Keep the can out of reach of children.
# Store it in cool place which the temperature is between 0-40C and keep it away from fire and heat sources.
# It is prohibited to expose the spray paints in sunshine or burning.
# After use, reversing the empty can and pressing the nozzle to release the remaining gas, then put the empty can in safe place.


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Name | Galvanizing Zinc Spray |
Nozzle | mist point adjustable nozzle |
Valve | All direction Valve system |
Can Size | 65*158mm |
N.W/can | 283g |
G.W/can | 378g |
Packing | 12ctns/ctn |
Carton Size | 275*205*205mm |
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Competitive Advantage:

1. Zinc Rich

2. Anti-corrosive

3. Rust Proof

4. Industrial garde

5. Salt spray test: 200hrs~500hrs

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