Brake Pads Cleaner For Car And Electronics Good Detergent Without Residue

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Brake Pads Cleaner for car and electronics good detergent without residue


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Product name | Aristo Brake Cleaner |
Item no. | AC7-304 |
Content | 500ml/can |
Package | 12cans/carton |
Carton size | 275*205*255mm |
Loading capacity | 2000ctns/20\'fcl |
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1. Brake Pad Cleaner Spray is fast acting and specially developed for cleaning and degreasing of brake linings, shoes, drums, cylinders, caliper units, disc brake pads, and all other related parts.

2. Removes brake fluids and dust inside the braking system components, preventing dangerous inhalation.


1. Super brake system cleaner can quickly remove oil, dust and dirt from the brake disc or other brake parts.
2. The formula has no chloride or aromatic, dries fast and leaves no residue.
3. It helps eliminate disc squeal and chatter
4. Enable the brake system to maintain excellent braking performance.
5. Suitable for cleaning the dirt of other metal parts.


1. Shake before using the product,put a oil collection plate below the cleaning parts.

2. Spray the surface of brake devices or other bake parts,available for both durm and disc brake.

3. Repeated clean for heavy oil,and remove residue by towel or brush.

4. Competely dry the parts surface by high pressure air,reassemble the parts.

5. Test the brake efficiency for 2 or 3 times,drive before making sure everything is in normal condition.

Competitive Advantage:

1. Strong Cleaning Force.

2. Evaporation time 10-15 seconds.

3. Extra Cleaning ability.

4. Protect Brake.

5. Effectively recovers brake function

6. Capable for flammable and non flammable formula

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