All Purposes Industrial Lubricants 400ml Anti-rust Oil Based Aerosol Silicone Sp

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All Purposes Industrial Lubricants 400ml Anti-rust Oil Based Aerosol Silicone Spray Lubricant


# # Designed for industrial care.
# Frees sticky mechanisms: Lubricates and un-jams door locks, sewing machines, zippers, typewriter keys, controls, linkage and cables.
# Widely applied to the precision instruments, contacting points of electronic appliances, steel accessories and high sensing elements etc.
# Stop Squeaks: Penetrates and lubricates hinges, springs, castors, windows, handles, pedals and office chairs.
# Loosens rusted parts: Penetrates and loosens rusted, corroded and seized nuts, bolts, controls, cables and fasteners.
# Drives out moisture: Drives out water on metal surfaces, like electrical contacts, car ignitions, motorcycle engines, outboard motors and tools.
# Clean & Protects: Dissolves grease, tar, gum, adhesive, crayon marks, loosens hard water deposits, leaves protective film against rust and corrosion on bikes, chrome parts, motorcycles, outboard motors and tools.
# High extrusion rate and eliminate waste.
# Environmental formula: No clog, no chlorinated solvents, no toluene, no xylene, CFC and lead free.


# # Gear:Large gear equipments choose lubricant through teeth hardness and teeth load. Small gear machines could choose middle load lubricant.
# Lock: Low viscosity, non-stick dust, lubricate precision instruments like lock.
# Plastic:Overcome the weakness of traditional silicone oil as plastic lubricant.
# Contact of appliance equipment:Cleaning, care and maintenance of switch, relay, electronic ignition system, socket etc.


# # Safe to use on painted plastic, rubber and metal surface.
# Environmental protection, convenient application.
# Displace moisture to improve conductivity of electrics and start wet engines.
# Remove and prevent rust from reforming.

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