Acrylic Aerosol Line Mark Floor / Road Marking Spray Painting 750ml Weather Resi

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Acrylic aerosol Line Mark Spray Paint / road marking paint / floor marking paint spray 750ml


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Product Name | Aristo Line Mark Spray Paint |
Item | AP7303 |
Packing | 750ml/can, 12cans/carton |
Carton size | 275*205*360mm |
Loading Capacity | 1450ctns/20\'GP,3300ctns/40HQ |
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1.It is aacrylic aerosol spray paint and it has the characteristic of easy performance, good atomization,

high spray rate.

2. The paint can dry fast and the film finish has excellent hardness, adhesion, gloss and flexibility , impact resistance, colorful surface and good decorative effect, wonderful protect ability.

3. It can be widely used for metals, wood with finished surfaces, glass, ABS and other surfaces.


1. Shaking the can about 2 minutes before the spraying and make sure it mix well.

2. Pressing the nozzle with your forefinger and spraying the surfaces at a distance of 20 to 30cm with a constant speed.

3. You can spray several times, the performance effect is better than one thick coating if you spray thin coating every two minutes.

4. After use, cleaning the nozzle by reversing the can and pressing the nozzle for three seconds in case

of clogging before you store it.

Competitive Advantage:

1. Indoors and Outdoors

2. Weather resistance

3. Long lasting time with obvious colors

4. Can be used either by hands or applicator

5. Normal / Fluorescent / washable colors.

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