Interesting Kids Plush Elephant Ride / Mechanical Horse Toys Entertainment Equip

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Interesting Kids Plush Elephant Ride / Mechanical Horse Toys Entertainment Equipment


# # sound device on seat mat , trunk movable
# walking as a horse when people ride on ,entertaining way to do exercising

General Issues

1. how to ride it? To electricity?
This machinery is not electricity, is able to run the Gema ride. The back pressure on the small animal Taitun sit under the spring when the children ride, by mechanical means into forward momentum, all Gema can move on. Not only fresh and interesting, and environmental protection and health.

2. How much children can play, bearing is how much?
This series Gema is designed for children 3-13 years old, sitting height is 45cm, weighing up to 60KG, in fact, adults can ride Oh!

3. There are a lot of price, the difference in where?
Kingpin foreign trade products, reliable quality, fashionable and promotion of the domestic market price is very affordable! This series of Gema\'s internal structure is the same, but different plush animal shapes have different requirements, the complexity of the process is different, there are some other models with a music box, boxing, vol nose function, so the price there different. Each one is so real cute, there is something for your style.

The size are different? Big or small numbers? How much weight?
This series Gema basic dimensions similar, regardless of the size of the numbers, but the size of different shapes will make some difference. The mouse on the color classification above, the specific size of the corresponding funds and the gross weight will be displayed.

5. The need to install it? Complicated? (See below)
Needs to be installed on a note detailing zebra, only two steps: first the small animal head insertion hole axis relative to the body frame, tightening the screws; then lay the zipper neck on it. It\'s that simple Oh!

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