High Speed Punching Rack Shelf Frame Metal Roll Forming Machine With 18 Stations

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High Speed Punching Rack Shelf Frame Metal Roll Forming Machine with 18 Stations Structure of rack shelf frame roll forming machine - - - - Product Name | Main composition | Rack Shelf Frame Roll Forming Machine | Servo feeding system | 3 tons manually decoiler | High speed punching machine | Forming roller | Chain driven transmission | Main frame (including guiding platform) | Hydraulic system | Cutting device | Electric controlling system | Stacker | - - - - Main data of rack shelf frame roll forming machine - - - - Name | Item | Description | Rack Shelf Frame Machine | Number of stations | 18 stations | Forming speed | 10-15m/min | Shaft material | Using high-quality steel 45 quenched and tempered after finishing treatment | Power of hydraulic station | 5.5kw | Roller material | High quality 45 Forged chrome-plated hardware | Power of main motor | 11.0kw | Shaft diameter | 80mm | Hydraulic station pressure | 1012 Mpa | Cutter material | Cr12 quenched | Weight of high speed punching machine | 80 tons | Electronic controlling system | Full-frequency PLC controlling system, error of cutting length 2mm | - - - - Main characterof rack shelf frame roll forming machine 1. Simple structure,good appearance since the whole machine is used profiled steel structure and wholly manufacturing after welding, in order to make it running stable and reliable. 2. Completely automatic cutting, accurate length and position, trim cutting for rear of profile sheets, no deformation. 3. Easy installation, good performance for manufacturing in factory. 4. Low noise, high efficiency. Working process Coil loading servo feed-in (sheet metal is put by guiding platform) straightening high speed holes punching forming hydraulic cutting stacker Production line sketch Warranty The whole equipment including all the components will be guaranteed within one year except improper use. Company introduction Rishbinwas founded in 1999. With more than ten years\' development, now it becomes a leading professional supplier in the field ofroll forming machineryindustry, and exports its quality production line to the markets all over the world. Weareoneoftheleadingsuppliersandmanufacturerinchinaandhavebeensupplyingandmakingrollformingequipmentforthemetalbuildingconstructionindustryforalongtime. Contact us For more information, please feel free to contact with us. Skype: sarahrishbin Mobile: +86-18118899986 E-mail: sarahrishbin@gmail.com

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