7.5 KW Aluminum Joint Hidden Panel Roll Forming Machine For Boltless Roof Sheet

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7.5 KW Aluminum Joint Hidden Panel Roll Forming Machine for Boltless Roof Sheet Technological Process ofjoint hidden panel roll forming machine Coiler loading feeding-in with guiding (metal sheet is guided into the first forming station) rolling & forming cutting after forming stacker running out Specifications ofjoint hidden panel roll forming machine - - - - Product Name | Item | Description | Aluminum Joint Hidden Panel Roll Forming Machine | Material thickness | 0.5mm-0.8mm, yield strengthG250MPa | Forming speed | 1015m/min (Not including time of cutting stop) | Number of stations | 12stations | Roller material | GCr15 with heat treatment and hard chrome-plated HRC58-62 | Spindle material | High-quality steel 45 quenched and tempered after finishing treatment | Spindle diameter | 76mm | Main motor power | 7.5 kw | Power of hydraulic station | 3.0KW | Electronic controlling system | Full-frequency PLC controlling system | Material of cutting blade | Cr12 quenched | Cutting | Cutting after forming with hydraulic driving | - - - - Structure ofjoint hidden panel roll forming machine This joint hidden panel roll formingmachine consists of 5 tons passive decoiler, transmission device, forming machine, hydraulic cutting device, computerized control cabinet and stacker. Compositionofjoint hidden panel roll forming machine - - - - Manual uncoiler | 1unit | Controlpanel | 1unit | Rollformingmainmachine | 1unit | Cutting device | 1unit | Manualouttable | 2units | - - - - Production line sketch Competitive advantage Wecanmanufactureaspercustomerprovideddrawingswithspecificationorrealobjectsofsectional materials,customrollformingmachineiswelcome. Company introduction Rishbinwas founded in 1999. With more than ten years\' development, now it becomes a leading professional supplier in the field ofroll forming machineryindustry, and exports its quality production line to the markets all over the world. Weareoneoftheleadingsuppliersandmanufacturerinchinaandhavebeensupplyingandmakingrollformingequipmentforthemetalbuildingconstructionindustryforalongtime. Contact us For more information, please contact us freely. Skype: sarahrishbin Mobile: +86-18118899986 E-mail: sarahrishbin@gmail.com

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